106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

  • October 13, 2020/

 Why Everyone Should Love Nurses. Nurses are indeed the backbone of the medical field becase they are on the front lines every day, dealing with the heart of each patient’s issues, while ensuring that they feel comfortable and secure every step of the way.

There are probably a million reasons why everyone should love nurses, but we’ve come up with 106 of the top ones.

1.  Nurses are regularly voted the most trusting of professions–and for good reason.

2. Somehow, they find ways to make their scrubs look so stylish.

3. They’re tough and nurturing at the same time.

4. They know how much we weigh but won’t tell a soul.

5. They break the rules for their patients everyone once in a while.

6. Decoding confusing doctor garble (written and spoken) is their M.O.

7. They’re our therapists, parents and drill sergeants rolled up in one.

8. Bedside manner is their specialty.

9. When we’re discharged, they shed tears of joy and sadness.

10. They’re experts at dishing out constructive criticism that actually makes us want to do the right thing.

11. They bring color (via personality) to the white walls of a cold medical facility.

12. Sometimes they let us cheer them up.

13. They’ll take only so much crap before they get a demanding patient in line (nicely, of course).

14. They’ve seen it all and therefore keep their heads in difficult moments.

15. They nurse our children back to health when we can’t.

16. We may not want to hear everything they have to say, but they’re always right.

17. They sneak treats into our room when they’re not supposed to.

18. They’re human and we know it, yet they somehow manage to be our superheroes.

19. They nurture our family members as if they were their own.

20. They struggle through their own pains yet still do their jobs like no other.

21. They get those doctors in check when no one else can.

22. From the moment they meet us, they remember our names.

23. They literally run the unit—everyone else can just get out the way.

24. They’re the only ones who can make chipped ice taste like a sweet popsicle.

25. When the bed is completely uncomfortable, they hit one button and it feels like pillowy clouds.

26. Having to use the bathroom in a hard, plastic bedpan seems easy when they help us.

27. Even though they complain when we press the buzzer for them but we know they want to take care of us anyway.

28. While they’re late night checks can be annoying, they secretly make us feel comforted.

29. They’re the only ones besides our mothers who will fluff your pillows, prop up our legs, bring us water and change the channel for us.

30. They have that special gift of talking the physical therapist into being easy on us.

31. Though they may not admit it, sometimes we steal their hearts.

32. When no one else will sit and listen to our cockamamie stories, they will humor us.

33. They say they won’t baby us, but they do anyway.

34. For some reason, when they draw our blood or give us shots, it just doesn’t hurt.

35. They’re so lighthearted that sometimes we forget we’re in a hospital.

36. They grieve patient losses as much as the family does.

37. They always say that they have a favorite family member who looks or acts just like us.

38. Even when they’re off the clock, they’re nursing friends and family back to health.

39. They watch over us when we’re sleeping.

40. They leave all of that technical mumbo jumbo at the door.

41. If they could, they would take our pain for us.

42. They make their jobs look so easy.

43. They pray for our well being when they leave their shifts.

44. When we’re on the verge of panic, they know how to keep us calm.

45. Even when they don’t feel good, they’re not too sick to care for us.

46. They always have a story to relate to what we’re going through.

47. There’s always one nearby to give us the comfort we need.

48. Even in our worst times, they make us feel our best.

49. It takes a lot to truly make them mad at us.

50. They don’t hesitate to call our family members “Uncle John” and Grandmama” just like we do.

51. A reassuring hand squeeze from them is sometimes all the medicine we need.

52. They sometimes call in to check on us on their days off.

53. They allow us to teach them how to be more caring individuals.


55. Nurses are a part of a team, dedicated to each patient equally.

56. They set out from the beginning of their careers to make a difference in our lives.

57. They see things we could never dream of yet manage to keep a soft spirit.

58. When they have to deliver tough news to our families, they do so with grace and tact.

59. They strive every day to get better at their jobs.

60. When they try their very best, deep down they wish they could have done more.

61. Nagging is they’re way of showing they care.

62. They dedicate their lives to making people feel better.

63. They’re the unsung heroes working on the front lines for us everyday.

64. They not only tell us what procedure they’re doing, but why it’s so important that they do it.

65. Though we know they’re working a job like everyone else, they never act like it.

66. No matter how technical the medical field gets, they still offer an old-fashioned compassionate presence.

67. They talk our doctors into making special provisions for us.

68. Nurses take care of our family’s emotional well being when we’re ill.

69. They don’t forget us when we’ve moved on to a better place (our house that is).

70. When they hug us, we feel their love.

71. Doing the little things (brushing our hair and tying our shoes) is second nature to them.

72. They sing our favorite songs with us.

73. Sometimes they’ll let us roll around in a wheelchair, even if we don’t need one.

74. When it’s time to go to surgery  and let us know they’ll be right there waiting for us when we wake up.

75. Before even visiting a doctor, we can talk to them over the phone and feel that everything will be alright.

76. They don’t hesitate to let us know we’re their favorite patient (even though we know they tell every patient the same thing).

77. They’re not just healthcare providers, they’re nurturers.

78. We somehow know a lot more leaving the hospital than we did coming in thanks to them.

79. They’re often overworked, underpaid and underappreciated, but still come in smiling everyday.

80. They always know when to be tough and when we just need some understanding.

81. When things get tough for them behind the scenes, it never shows in their work.

82.  Sometimes they’re vulnerable too–and we love them for it.

83. When we’re trying our best, they root us on along the way.

84. When we don’t try our best, they offer the firm nudge we need.

85. They show sweet and mean patients the same love.

86. Caring for people isn’t a job, it’s an art.

87. They know there’s no such thing as being “too attached” to their patients.

88. Sometimes they bring us gifts when we’re good.

89. They’re just so doggone competent.

90. When we’re bored, they let us take their temperature and blood pressure.

91. Without them, being in cold medical buildings would be so much harder.

92. They help us decorate to make our rooms feel more like home.

93. They don’t forget our birthdays.

94. When our doctors walk away, our nurses are still standing there with us.

95. They never complain about how doctor TV shows diminish their roles.

96. We are able to comfortably place our lives in their hands.

97. They smile when the media positively highlights the nursing field–secretly, that is.

98. When they know the worst is inevitable, they still fight to stave it off.

99. They see the pain hidden beneath the exteriors of argumentative patients.

100. If we’ve done something extraordinary, they don’t hesitate to tell the whole ward.

101. They keep us sane, even if they have to lose their sanity for us.

102. It takes courage to deal with the ups and downs they experience everyday.

103. They always say the right thing at the right time.

104. When it’s time to leave, they wheel us out to the car and give us the hug we love.

105. They let us keep the hospital goodies we’re supposed to leave behind.

106. We never forget that special one who changed our life.