63 best Areas of Specialization in Nursing

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Areas of Specialization in Nursing
Areas of Specialization in Nursing

Areas of Specialization in Nursing.Specialization is a business developed way of emphasizing on manufacture of a given amount of products or services to be in a position of acquiring extreme productivity and governance in the area of target. The companies that do the specialization task say that they earn a lot through the investment.     

Nursing Specialties

Areas of Specialization in Nursing.Nursing has various categories of specialization and for nurses there is the need of concentrating on a number of different types of nursing in your career. At first, a nurse will begin by setting aside time and refine his or her practice. Once the nurse acquires adequate skills, he or she may have an idea of committing the career to an exact area of specialization in nursing. Nursing qualifications comes in during this time and permits you to show your skills based on a given area. Authorization for nursing is only present for registered nurses, Innovative nurses and clinical nurse specialists.

Nursing Specialties for Registered Nurses (RN)

One can deal with various types of nursing as a registered nurse not undergoing through progressive practice degree. The various types of qualifications focus on a nurse as professional in his or her field and can also assist the nurse to have a promotion in his or her area of specialization.

Through American Nurses Credentialing Center is where a nurse can emerge to being a skilled medical –surgical nurse. The certification observes the ability of a nurse to handle a patient while in the surgical unit for more than 2,000 hours in the specialization in the previous three years. A number of alternatives set by the American nurse credentialing center for registered nurses to undergo qualifications like ambulatory care, gerontological nursing ,pediatric nursing and also pain management nursing.   

Credentialing for patient populations can also be in diabetic, cardiac and geriatric patients. Registered nurse qualifications offered by American association give chances for the registered nurses as well as advanced practice registered nurses for them to undergo adult, pediatric and also neonatal care authorization     

Nursing Specialties for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN)

There are four kinds of advanced practice that are well- known as per the advanced practice registered nurses. These types are:

  • Anesthetist registered nurse
  • Midwife certified nurse
  • Specialist clinical nurse

Certified practitioner nurse

 The advanced practice registered nurses more so the nurse practitioners can go ahead specializing in a given category of nursing. There are instances where a nurse can decide to become a family nurse practitioner or prefer gerontology acute care nurse practitioner qualification. The two are vulnerable for nurses who have already done well in advanced standing

The advanced practice registered nurses can prefer their area of specialization to be psychological health, gerontology, pediatrics and also nursing school. The hours of becoming a nurse practitioner in school counts towards qualification and there is no need of a nurse to gather more time for certification. The APRNs selects a specialty just before pledging to education and undergo relevant certification upon completing school .The nurses can prefer to undergo a skilled nurse midwifery program, women health program and also a master’s in a family nurse practitioner program.

Nursing Specialties for Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS)

This is a special category of advanced practice nurse in Areas of Specialization in Nursing. They are of great importance in functioning of the nursing unit although they don’t assess, diagnose, and treat patients like nurse practitioners directly. They are accountable for education of nurses under them and are mostly in investigation projects in the facility.

 The clinical nurse specialist will analyze patient’s statistics and results and also come up with resolutions on how to develop those conditions. Clinical nurse specialists’ deals with various categories of nursing just like nurse practitioners. Areas of Specialization in Nursing. For example, a nurse can decide to concentrate on adult health with gerontology clinical nurse. Nurses who deal with pediatrics, gerontology, psychology health and also public health are also specialists because of their authorization marks.

Accredited Nursing Specialist Certification Programs

Organizations that authorize nursing certification programs are only two.

American Board for specialty nursing certification (ABSNC)

National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)

The organization that authorizes nursing certification programs is the ABSNC and the one that authorizes programs like fitness and wellness, government and professional benchmarks is the NCCA. Not every nursing group chooses authorization. Authorization is a prolonged method of showing certification program meeting the principles established by the authorization body.    

  Retired Specializations

 There are times that nursing certification establishments leave authorizations. Since the aim for the field of authorization is minor, there are no industry-wide principles for reserving an authorization program. Immediately an organization retires a certification, skilled nurses are provided in that field of specialization years of notification. Areas of Specialization in Nursing.Sometimes, authorizations do not provide options for renewal and they are only present for renewal.

 Below are other nursing specializations.

  1. Advanced Practice Registered Nursing – these are the nurse experts who have a Master of Science in nursing comprising of areas of nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and nurse midwives.    
  2. Ambulatory Care Nursing – This is a dedicated valuation of seriously ill patients, nurse family and also relationships of patient .They as well transform nursing care into convenient activities for caregivers.        
  3. Business in Nursing – In business nursing, you can easily receive a degree in nursing that will be in a position of offering you comprehension of the business and commercial side of healthcare and nursing.
  4. Bariatrics Burse- These types of nurses are usually responsible in treating obesity. Hospitals, employers, bariatric surgeons and mostly patients are the ones who mostly benefit from having qualified bariatric nurses.  
  5. Camp Nursing-camp nursing is when you desire to change from a typical nursing routine; you have to consider doing things as a nurse at a camp. You will cure all sorts of illnesses from insect bites to colds.
  6. Cardiac Care Nursing –This type of nursing deals with patients with blood circulation challenges like heart attack and cardiac arrest. The cardiac care nursing assist them to acquire recovery.
  • Case Management Nursing – This is a registered nursing specialized in managing care requirements of the sick with prolonged illnesses.  
  • Clinical Nurse Leader – This type of nurses manage particular set of patients in a hospital and medical staff working in this area.  
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist – This is a type of nursing that deal with certain population, sickness or any type of care and has to have a Master of science in nursing
  • Community Health Nursing – This is a type of specialized nurse who works mainly in the benefit of community and general public health. This may work exactly with people in a given community to develop health outcomes.Areas of Specialization in Nursing. Complementary Health Nursing – This is where there are complementary or alternative treatments to common serious and prolonged illnesses.  
  • Correctional Facility Nursing – This type of nursing takes place in prisons, jails and correctional institutions. All types of sicknesses are to appear in this nursing profession.
  • Critical Care Nursing – This type of nursing deal with nurses that are serious to their work on seriously ill patients and deals with unstable patients like the ERs.
  1. Dermatology Nursing –This is where there are nursing specialties who deal with people who have different illnesses and disorders of the skin and mostly works in a dermatologist’s office.
  2. Developmental Disability Nursing –This type of nursing deals with patients with psychological and physical disabilities. They can work in casualty centers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and in doctor’s offices.  
  3. Diabetes Nursing –This category of nursing deals with patients who are diabetic. A lot of work centers rely on information between patients, doctors and family members.  
  4. This type of nurse works with ill patients with diabetes. Much of your work centers on relaying information between patients, doctors and families.
  5. Domestic Violence Nursing –This type of nursing deals with patients who are victims of domestic violence .Here is where they heal physical and psychological wounds with sympathetic care.    
  6. Emergency Nursing –This category of nursing mostly deals with patients with high blood pressure and those that are critically ill in emergency rooms and other serious care facilities.  
  7. Ethics in Nursing – This is a type of nursing that shares a lot of things with a number of aspects of medical ethics where moral issues of patient care are discussed and decided.   
  8. Areas of Specialization in Nursing.Family Nurse Practitioner – This is a type of a nurse who works under supervision of a doctor and the nurse practitioner specially works in family practice. A number of nurse practitioners in some countries can exercise this individually.
  9. Transport Nursing – The transport nursing offers important emergency medical services to patients that are far away and not in a position of accessing roads.  
  10. Forensic Nursing – the forensic nurses deal with patients of violence and those who commit it. They work carefully with authorized system in gathering forensic evidence in these cases.  
  11. Gastroenterology Nursing –This category of nursing deals with diagnosis and cure of illnesses that distress the whole digestive system.
  12. Genetics Nursing –Here is where a lot of diseases that relate to genetics undergo diagnosis. The diseases include cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This is where families are taught how to decrease their risks.    
  13. Geriatric Nursing – This is where a specialized nurse works with the old people who have a number of serious illnesses.
  14. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner – This is where a nurse works under supervision of doctor and deals with very serious chronic illnesses.
  15. Gynecology/Obstetric Nursing – This is a category of nursing that deals with female patients and reproductive health. They take care of expectant mothers and maintain good health for delivery.   
  16. Health Policy Nursing – This is where all patients of all ages are taken good care of.
  • Hematology Nursing –This is a type of nursing associated with oncology nursing where patients with cancer are treated, pain management and blood transfer is done.
  • HIV/AIDS Nursing – This type of nursing helps patients with HIV AIDS to lead healthy life, manage their treatments and cope with pain.
  • Holistic Nursing – This deals with treatment of whole body of patient mentally and physically.
  • Home Health Care Nursing – This offers important nursing care to people in their homes that are critically ill with chronic conditions.
  • Hospice/Palliative Nursing –This type of nursing offers sympathetic, complete and whole nursing care to people that are in their final stages of illness. Help in managing pain and end life with self-worth.   
  • Independent Nurse Contractor –This is a type of nursing that is hired on required basis and do not receive health benefits or paid vacation.
  • Infection Control Nursing – This type of nurses help prevent patient infections in hospitals and clinics. Infection control nurses are mostly the ones that are responsible for alerting the nearest branch of the centers for disease control.   
  • Informatics Nursing – This is where nursing information is done between nurses and systems engineers, analysts or designers by the use of object –oriented models or even other methods.
  • Infusion nursing -This is a type of nursing that gives patients medication and fluids through injection. They monitor patients, manage their tubing, maintain arterial catheters and stay away of possible complications.
  • International Nursing – This is a type of nursing that nurses prefer to travel around the world taking care of patients or even help underserved nations where there is scarcity of skilled nurses.
  • Labor & Delivery Nursing –This is where women are taken care during labor and delivery and are monitored together with the child the
  • Lactation Consultation – This is a professional heath that offers breastfeeding support and education. They can be found in hospitals, physician or midwife practices and in public health programs.
  • Legal Nurse Consultant – This is where a registered nurse uses expertise as a health care provider and has a specialized training to check with medical- related legal cases.
  • Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) – This is a type of nursing that offers basic care I supervision of a doctor or even a registered nurse.
  • Long-Term Care Nursing – In this type of nursing, patients with disability or sickness and require prolonged care. Their patients mostly live in long-term care facilities, rehabs or nursing homes.
  • Managed Care Nursing – This is a type of nursing that deals with working with elderly and poor persons that rely on programs like Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing – This is a category in nursing dealing with patients that are scheduled for surgery, or who have just left surgery room but not undergoing surgery.
  • Military and Uniformed Service Nursing –This is where a specialized category of nurse takes care of patients within the Military and this action can make them go all over the world.   
  • Missionary Nursing – In missionary nursing, physical and spiritual care is offered to people in various states that are in need of healthcare. This type of nursing usually treats diseases as they share religion.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing –Here is where premature and seriously sick newborns are taken care of in the intensive care unit of a hospital and these children require immediate medical attention.   
  • Nephrology Nursing – This type of nursing deals with patients who have kidney disease or abnormal kidney function. They mostly work in one of the most diverse collections of environments in nursing.
  • Neuroscience Nursing – The neuroscience nursing takes care of patients who have brain and nervous system disorders. Other duties are like monitoring neurological exams.
  • Nurse Anesthetist – This is a type of nursing that deals in the administration of anesthesia. These nurses have to be board in anesthesia.  
  • The Nurse Attorney –These are nurses who have acquired nursing and law degrees and they have the mandate of representing medical professionals in court or work to change healthcare policies.
  • Educator nurse – This is a type of nursing that teaches and prepares qualified practical nurses and registered nurses for entry into practice positions.
  • Legislature nurse –This type of nurses’ work on making changes to the existing laws or passing new legislation based on nursing industry needs.
  • Life care planning nurse – this category of nurses work in helping patients who have suffered in catastrophic injuries and illnesses, advocate for them and plan out their care.      
  • Midwife nurse –These are registered nurses who offer counseling and care during pre-conception , pregnancy , childbirth and the postpartum period.
  • Nurse Practitioner – These nurses manage serious and chronic medical conditions through comprehensive history taking, physical exam and the ordering of diagnostic tests and cure.
  • Nurse Researcher – These types of nurses design studies, analyzes data and reports their results for use in improvement of the field of nursing.   
  • Nursing Advocacy – This category of nurses assists patients to understand their diagnosis and make excellent decisions about their health. They participate as a link between doctors and patients.     
  • Entrepreneur of nursing – These types of nursing use their nursing education and business background to begin courses within healthcare industry.
  • Executive nursing and Nursing CEO –Here, there are opportunities that are used in shaping healthcare policies at the organization and assist the best patient care possible.  
  • Nursing Manager and Nursing Administration – These nurses are mainly responsible for recruitment and retention of the nursing staff and their management.
  • Nursing Quality Improvement – Nurses in this area deals with improving the quality of hospitals, long –term care facilities.