Abraham Lincoln University Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy Nizwa Report


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Abraham Lincoln University Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy Nizwa Report
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Choose a destination from the below shown list,which you are comfortable withand develop a sustainable tourism development strategy for the same. You need to inform your course instructor about the chosen destination. Make sure, other students groups have not chosen the same destination (In a section, one destination can be chosen by one group of studentsonly).

List of the Destinations:

Jabel Shams







Jabel Al Akhdar


Your assignment report should address the following:

? Introduction and background

1. Nature of the destination, geographic location, climate and weather, history, etc.

2. Local resources available 

3. Current status of tourism at the destination

? Elements of the destination

Attractions (cultural, natural, heritage, etc.), Activities(cultural, social, entertainment, religious, etc.), Amenities(infrastructure, superstructure, accommodation, food and beverage, etc.), Accessibility (modes of transportation) and Ancillary services (luggage, foreign exchange, car hire, luggage transportation, theatre and event tickets, tour guiding, etc.)

? Attitude and interest of local community towards tourism.

? The major stakeholders and their interests.

? Develop a proper marketing mix (8 Ps) for the destination.

? Suggest a suitable promotion mix to promote and market the selected destination at domestic and international markets.

? Analyze overall current status of the destination (conduct a SWOT analysis from tourism industry point of view).

? Discuss the type of tourism activities you would encourage to develop in the area.

? Examine, how the destination can benefit local community and the government (Tourism impacts) and discuss the ways to control/minimize negative impacts of tourism.

? In which way, a destination management company such as,Ministry of Tourism could be involved in your chosen destination?

? Suggest policies and initiatives that could make the future of the chosen area more sustainable.



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