AIU Human Computer Interactions Discussion


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AIU Human Computer Interactions Discussion
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You and your team are now working on some icons for the organization’s program user interface (UI). Based on your first mock-up of the UI, complete the following:

  • Discuss 2 original icons with 3 states each.
  • Explain how the icons would be used, and give the purpose of each state.
  • Investigate emerging alternative I/O devices and discuss their impacts on design.
  • Provide substantive comments that critique the postings of at least 2 classmates.
  • 200 word main post; two 75 word response posts

Response needed:

Icons are visual messages that are used in UI to deliver a message from the users click. There are a number of icons that we use on a daily basis. For example the icons we use to get to the discussion board and all around use to complete schooling online. The icons i currently use in my UI are drop down menus with selections of the user input. Also, print, save, and discard are used on my UI. Additional icons that I could include are an export to PDF or copy screen actions. The main thing for my UI is the usability and actions to translate messages and keyboard clicks to recognize a message without needing to translate. Also, keeping a main menu action available will help users complete different tasks at once. Keeping in mind the 5 second rule with icons, if it takes longer than 5 seconds for a user to think of an appropriate action for an icon could mean that it is ineffectively communicating something. Keeping the UI simple will be key to keeping it user-friendly by reducing the amount of graphic details. Keeping in mind the emerging I/O devices like stylus pens, touch screens, and other forms of video displays that need to be compatible with the design.

Response needed:

Icons are small graphical representations of a program or action. Icons can be used to save space and perform one or several actions or states. An example of an action or state is when you select a down arrow icon and a drop-down selection list appears. A multiple state icon can conduct 2 or more actions, such as a toggle icon for on or off.

One original icon is a save icon. This icon uses the hover, pressed, and activated states. While hovering over the save icon, the icon is highlighted, once pressed the icon performs the action and a message is displayed letting you know the action was completed. Another icon that will be used is a checklist icon that uses the hover state to highlight the icon, the pressed state that opens the menu, and the select state that checks off an item on the checklist.

Some new technologies that are emerging and changing the face of HCI is Pre-Touch. Pre-touch sensing can detect how a device is being gripped and detect when a finger is approaching the screen (Dye, 2016). Although pre touch is here, the future applications can be used in conjunction with a multitude of pre-touch or touchless technologies. In my field of drones and Unmanned Systems, this changes the way we interface with our machines. Wristbands are already in use to operate drones without using a control station.

Dye, John. (May 2nd, 2016). Microsoft’s Pre-Touch technology anticipates your taps. Retrieved from

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