American Film Institute The Future of Outsourcing Discussion


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American Film Institute The Future of Outsourcing Discussion
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By this time in the semester, you have gained understanding of globalization and how it affects local regions. To summarize the knowledge you’ve gained, please answer the following questions: What is the future of outsourcing? Where will the companies from more developed countries take their production in the future, given that China is becoming less attractive for outsourcing due to its improved level of development? (Write 150 words and respond to at least one other student).


Outsourcing is a major area of business here in the United States. Outsourcing will only grow. This is because it is more efficient for companies. It cuts costs immensely. I think that a lot of outsourcing projects will turn digital, like businesses have been doing presently and in the recent past. Going digital will make costs even lower and provide more efficiency for customers as well. There are positives and negatives of outsourcing in China. I think that it could be a positive that China is so populated. This provides a larger market for goods to be sold right where products are being made. In China, manual labor is a lot cheaper as well. This could be seen as a negative though because of the terrible working conditions that laborers are being put through. I think that in the future, companies that look to outsource business are going to be looking for many things in a country. I think that it would be really smart to look for a country that is increasing in population and has a large population already. I also think that working conditions will be improved as we switch to a more digital world.

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