Amh 4120 South Florida Community College Communication Discussion


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Amh 4120 South Florida Community College Communication Discussion
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Self Disclosure, communication and Apologies. DUE 5/25 by midnight eastern time

The text discusses self-disclosure and the appropriate way to use it to build relationships. What is your opinion regarding self-disclosure within the workplace/school as it relates to building better relationships? Explain in detail. Also discuss your opinion regarding the relationship between self-disclosure and apologizing. Do you agree with the text discussion on apologizing? Why or Why not.

RESPOND TO THIS ALSO..I believe self-disclosure is vital for building relationships in the workplace. Appropriate self-disclosure needs to be understood and consciously practiced, for it to aid in building relationships with coworkers. We need to be willing to be open and honest with people, in order to build a level of trust, but we cannot overshare information that is too personal and should remain private. Over-sharing can be overwhelming and hurt relationships instead of build them.

Being open and showing a level of vulnerability can allow for people to be able to relate to you, by making you real and not-closed off. This will allow others to feel comfortable being open with you, and increase the open area of the Johari Window. As the open area increases, the blind, hidden, and unknown areas shrink, and your relationship grows, as communication opens and widens. This level of openness can help you grow personally and result in you being more effective in your job, as well. Being able to properly receive and accept criticism and feedback allow for growth, and these are part of self-disclosure.

Self-disclosure is an important tool in apologizing. Being able to honestly and openly express your short-comings and mistakes makes you relatable and more sincere. Admitting you were wrong, expressing regret, and taking responsibility for your actions or mistakes is a good use of self-disclosure to earn forgiveness and repair a strained relationship. I do agree with the text in regards to apologizing. Apologies need to be immediate and sincere. Taking ownership and not placing blame elsewhere will show sincerity and build the relationship. Apologizing in a defensive manor or not taking ownership will likely diminish the relationship even more than not saying anything at all..


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