Analyse the strategic plans of two different types of organisations,…

Overview For this assignment, you will analyse the strategic plans of two different types of organisations, and complete some specific tasks to perform activities of strategic analysis. This is an individual assignment. The work must be your own work. Timelines and Expectations Percentage Value of Task: 20% Due: 11:59pm, Sunday 15th August 2021 Minimum time expectation: 10 hours Learning Outcomes Assessed The following course learning outcomes are assessed to some extent, by completing this assessment: • K2: Discuss a variety of contemporary tools and techniques used for business analysis and when these are appropriate to use • K3: Identify and explain the core concepts of business analysis • S2: Investigate and compare various business analysis methods, tools and techniques • S3: Identify and apply appropriate means of communication for disseminating information between stakeholders • S4: Determine a variety of possible solutions and make recommendations to address business needs • A2: Analyse and critique the implementation of a business solution