APS University Philosophy Case Study


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APS University Philosophy Case Study
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This case study will include a collection of artifacts and your analysis of how these artifacts, taken taogether, represent a wide array of perspectives on an ethical scenario. The artifacts that you gather should include contemporary items from a wide range of possibilities, including one your create on your own!

This project will require you to recognize multiple ethics perspectives and their strengths and weaknesses while you also practice using research and application skills that you will likely use in whatever career path you choose.

Note: This final project requires you to submit your case study, and you will need to contribute to the discussion forum about this assignment separately.

Prompt and Guidelines for Submission:

Read over the Final Project Document here for the specific details on this assignment.

view the following rubric that I will be using to grade this assignment.

When you are ready to submit your assignment, you will click on the underlined heading of this assignment tab above.

  • From there, you click “Browse local files,” attach your assignment, and click “Submit!”

Note: You will submit the your case study assignment here, and you will also attach your case study as your first post in the discussion forum within this module before responding to your peers’ posts containing their case studies.

Introduction to Ethics Final Project Rubric(1).pdf
Introduction to Ethics Case Study(2).pdf

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