At-Home Professions Critical Appraisal Worksheet


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At-Home Professions Critical Appraisal Worksheet
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This assignment is intended to help you learn to develop critical appraisals for two different types of articles.


In your readings for this module, the chapter on critical appraisal discusses in detail the stats most common for different types of studies and what they mean. The chapter also discusses how to read and determine if the correct stat was used for the data. 

When developing a clinical question, there are specific questions to ask to appraise particular types of literature. It is essential to know and understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative research and how to appraise each one. This assignment provides you with tools and resources to help you learn to critically appraise multiple types of literature. The exercise will strengthen your understanding and ability to determine if it should be used in changing practice.

After developing the foundational knowledge and skills on developing critical appraisals through this assignment, you will develop a DNP Scholarly Project plan that includes specific measurements for and different aspects of the QI in the next course where you learn to implement the project and evaluate it using descriptive stats and run charts.

Action Items

Before you begin your tasks for this assignment, it is important to read and complete Action Item 1 and 2 of your DNP Discussion activity in this module.

Fill out a Rapid Critical Appraisal (RCA) Tools’ Rubric Download Rapid Critical Appraisal (RCA) Tools’ Rubricfrom Appendix B pages 709-722, in Melnyk, B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2018)for two different types of articles (Randomized control trial, Systematic review or meta-analysis, cohort study, qualitative study, etc.). See Rapid Critical Appraisal Tools (Links to an external site.) and below for the steps you will need to take to fill out the RCA Tool’s Rubric.

  1. CriticalAppraisalScreenshot.png

Determine if you should use the article as part of your evidence to change practice.

Complete your critical appraisal exercise by the due date indicated.

Include the article with the tool so that the instructor can read the article and grade the RCAs.

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