AU Reflective Mediation and In Flow Case


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AU Reflective Mediation and In Flow Case
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Discussion questions 300 words total, meaning both questions can total 300 words. APA. 2-3 references. Two are attached from classroom resources but you may need another one to fully answer the questions.

You have been hired by a company to resolve a conflict between two high-level managers.

The CEO of the company has not been willing to intervene to resolve the conflict despite the plea from the Director of Human Resources for the company. The dispute began as a disagreement on the implementation of new employment practices that would result in the layoff of numerous employees. The new practices will result in one of the managers losing five employees. Each manager feels his area requires more employees and not less to get the work done. All of the employees at the company are feeling overwhelmed with their workload. While both managers were originally in favor of the proposed employment practice changes, neither had expected the implementation of the employment practices to affect the area that he manages. This has resulted in the conflict being pushed to the rank and file employee because the employees feel the policies are not fairly applied. In addition, three of the employees subjected to layoff have filed discrimination complaints against the company based upon age and race. The high level managers continued to experience conflict on almost all issues on which the two must make decisions. It is to the point that the managers no longer speak to one another unless it is business related. The employees for each of the managers feel they must choose sides in this conflict thereby creating tension in the everyday work environment.

  1. “Why would a company be interested in reflective mediation and in flow?” Review at least two of your classmates’ posts and provide comment as to what adding “heart” into the employment situation adds to the resolution of the dispute. Discuss whether “heart” has a place in the workplace.
  2. Assume that one of the managers is threatening to sue the company for discrimination: how would you persuade the CEO to resolve the dispute through mediation as opposed to litigation?
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