BBA 221 Uber Marketing Research Paper


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BBA 221 Uber Marketing Research Paper
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Select a company with in a specific market, and a product category in a certain context (socioeconomic, cultural, political, etc.).You can use the same company you used for TASK number 1 

2)  The task now consists in deliver the result of the market research, according to the market research project presented in the previous task 

  1. 3)  The task has to describe 

The methodology or methodologies used,
• The results of the market research, including as much information as possible (chart, tables, figures, etc)

  1. • The demographics of the methodology, including their profile, the reason why they were selected, etc. 

Among the results, you can insert a SWOT analysis derived from the results attained

  1. • The recommendations to be given to your customer. 

A possible action plan coming from the recommendations 

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