BC 112 Coastline Community College Résumé Worksheet


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BC 112 Coastline Community College Résumé Worksheet
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The goal of this activity is to practice with writing and formatting a professional résumé.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You are now prepared and ready to go, but you need some tools for your Career Exploration adventure, namely a RESUME!

Research job openings online that you may qualify for or are interested in. Pick one possible job opening and download it or copy the description to a MS Word document. Then, in a separate file, create an original résumé for that specific job that reflects how your qualifications match the job skills required for the position for which you are applying.

Use Microsoft®Word to create this résumé (you may use one of their templates or model your résumé after one you find online). Be sure to state a clear objective for your résumé and use wording found in the list I provided for you regarding action words. Do not forget to include information gleaned from the Study Resources for the Résumé for this week.

  1. Remember: This is a true reflection of your professionalism so you should make sure it is perfect!
  2. Submit both files here – the résumé and the job description you are applying for.

Because of the high point value of this assignment, I definitely encourage you to have someone with strong writing skills proofread your document and provide you with feedback before submitting.

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