BUS 501 Excelsior College The Industry as A Business Analysts Presentation


In this assignment, you will work as part of a team to prepare a 10-12 slide presentation. Presentations must be prepared using PowerPoint. You and your team will go through the phases of researching and developing a collaboratively produced presentation.

The PowerPoint presentation will include an audio narration, which you will record either slide-by-slide with a tool such as Nanogong or all-at-once directly into the presentation. The course contains videos on recording audio into Microsoft PowerPoint. An online discussion for each team to discuss the assignment and demonstrate progress has been created.

Presentations must be adapted to the audience. A presentation regarding interviewing techniques might be different if you are addressing college graduates or senior business executives. As a team, build an informative presentation using the criteria outlined in Exercise 5-4 of your textbook. Analyze your chosen audience using the Audience Analysis Worksheet in Chapter 5 of your textbook. Make sure you follow the format outlined in the syllabus.

You are strongly encouraged to use the following format so that your team presentation is organized appropriately:

Title Slide (1 slide): Include the title of your presentation, names of individuals on your team, date of presentation, and the instructor’s name in this slide.

Introduction (1–2 slides): The introduction should capture your audience’s attention, establish credibility, and provide an overview of the topic and the main points. Refer to and apply the strategies outlined in your textbook to meet these objectives.

Topic Content (6–7 slides): The topic content should include the main points of the topic and the supporting material. The main points should include the significant ideas you want to convey to your audience. Each slide should be an independent idea related to, or building upon, other main points.

It is highly recommended that you use Powerpoint Speaker’s Notes to clarify content or add appropriate information. Use simple designs and minimize the amount of text on slides. Graphics, photos or other pictures should be kept to a minimum unless they are deemed essential to the main point. As with all written material for this course, you must follow APA 6th Edition style when citing supporting material.

Summary/Recommendation (1–2 slides): Use this section to reinforce key points to the audience. Be sure that any recommendations are realistic in terms of the appropriate concepts and, if applicable, the topic you have presented.