Depression takes a toll in today’s world of emerging adults because of being depressed in the past or currently going through it. Emerging adults are those who are currently entering adulthood; ages 18 through 25. Many teens and soon to be adults are already going through depression and don’t like to mention it. Others may […]

What can youth gain by developing metabolic fitness at a young age? Metabolic fitness is defined as the ability to provide enough energy to the muscles in a specific type of exercise. A young person stands to gain a lot by developing metabolic fitness early. First, developing metabolic fitness at an early stage will give […]

Discrimination of Single Adults in the Adoption Process: An Interdisciplinary Approach Introduction Even though it is legal in all 50 states for a single adult to adopt a child, there is still a negative attitude on placing adoptee children with single adults in the adoption process. This problem exists due to the fact that millions […]

Rites of passage in the Jewish religion and tradition differ amongst families and modern society. These rituals mark the transitions of a man or woman all over their life, integrating cultural experiences with organic destiny. There are three phases in accordance to the handful of rites of passage, separation or the preliminary phase that signifies […]

Ceremony of passage among the Ga’anda and the United Point out share similar sacrifices but vary in their importance to every single tradition. Ga’anda and the United States figure out the relevance of cultural rituals in aiding their young young children in their transition to adulthood. Both equally cultures commence their coming to age rituals […]

Every calendar year in excess of 20,000 foster care youth are introduced from treatment to go out on their individual and get started a new daily life as a effective grownup in society, or at minimum that is the hopeful outcome when the state releases youth from care. Across the nation, the youth that are […]