The Grabber: At the beginning of the story, it is basically an introduction to the characters and the way they live as soldiers. The beginning of the story focuses on giving the reader a feel for what the surrounding area is and what the lifestyle is like. The reader is drawn in and intrigued by […]

Enrich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front is a war story told by a 19-year-old named Paul Baumer. He and his friends were persuaded by the speeches of their teacher to enlist in the German army in World War I. Once enlisted, Paul and his friends realized that war is not honorable like […]

As they rest, Paul portrays the get-together of German students who selected with him at the pushing of their schoolmaster, Kantorek. Close by these companions, Paul portrays a couple of others who will end up being a piece of his wartime association: Tjaden, a nineteen-year-old locksmith, slender anyway a significant eater; Haie Westhus, nineteen, a […]

Chapter One: In the first chapter of All Quiet On The Western Front you are instantly introduced to the war. Despite being on break and everything seeming good as the soldiers feast, we later are introduced to the brutality of the war. However, before that we learn about all the characters. They all are different […]

In the novel All Quiet On the Western Front, author Erich Maria Remarque describes the flat character Kantorek to emphasize the round character Paul B?¤umer’s negative feelings about fighting in the war. By only showing ideas of gaining honor Kantorek is fighting for the fatherland, an abrupt contrast is made of advertised ideas and publicly […]