It’s unlikely for an artist to restrain how Taylor is learned. Simply a professional can predict those thoughts, which is nearly as great (“Taylor Swift Interview” Klosterman). The success of this alone-focused obsession is cleared. Swift is entitled to perform whatever story she desires, based on the understandable discussion that she conjectures her particular place […]

George “Machine Gun” Kelly Barnes was born on July 18, 1895 in Memphis, Tennessee. Like most criminals, he did not start out as one. However, Prohibition proved to be too much for him to stay on the straight and narrow. In this paper, I will be exploring the life and times of the infamous gangster […]

Hip Hop Culture Hip Hop came into being in the 70’s. Hip Hop culture is comprised of sub art forms; these art forms constitute the generic framework of Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop first caught public attention through Graffiti and Breakdancing. The Graffiti movement began within the regions of 1972 when a Greek American teenager […]