History is what has happened, in act and thought: it also is what historian’s make of it,’ an insight from historian Bernard Bailyn, in The Idea of Atlantic History. Historians continually seek out new perspectives through research resulting in a more comprehensive understanding of a given topic. For example, there are countless military, social, economic, […]

The French and Indian War was an extremely bloody conflict that is considered by some to be the very first world war. At the time, the British and the French had colonies and territories all over the world. As a result, these areas helped partake in a war that was halfway around the war. Most […]

At the start of colonization, Virginia was one of the very first successful colonies that began to thrive after colonists successfully grew tobacco. After the successful colonization of Virginia, new settlements began to develop and, overtime, the disagreements between the colonies and the British helped unite the colonies, which made them more powerful. The Virginia […]

The American Revolution refers to the colonial revolt that occurred between 1765 and 1783. As a result of the revolution, the American Patriots, those that instigated the rebellion, resulted in the Thirteen Colonies gaining independence from Great Britain. This was after defeating the British during the American Revolutionary War. France’s role in the war was […]

The French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years’ War, was responsible for setting in motion a ripple of effects that ultimately led to the American Revolution. The conflict that arose between the French and the British was a result of both countries seeking to expand their territory in America. Great Britain had […]

Blake’s engraving “Europe supported by Africa and America” portrays Europe and their descendants as dependent on America and Africa because Europe could have not done the expansion of their dominion of the New World without the aid of the African and the Native people. Europe’s domination of the New World depended on Africa through chattel […]

The United States: the greatest country to ever exist in human history, was formed through a gruesome war with the most powerful entity known to man at the time, Great Britain. All Americans know about how the American Revolution birthed this great country, but many do not understand or even know about one of the […]