Throughout the long term, the job alloted to ladies in marriage has consistently been restricted to kid bearing and childhood, and performing common homegrown tasks like cooking, washing, general cleaning, and so on Taking a gander at it suspiciously, this discernment and mentality inside the local area, expecting ladies to be accommodating to their spouses […]

ABSTRACT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION A A A A A A A A A A  It’s deeply truth that the search for the exact solution in our world-problems is needed for each of us, but unfortunately, not all problems can be solved exactly; because of nonlinearity and complicated geometry. In many interesting applications, exact solutions may be impossible and unattainable, so we need to approximate. […]

1.0 DEFINITION OF FACTOR ANALYSIS Factor analysis (FA) refers to a latent structure approach that can be used to analyze interrelationships among a large number of variables by explaining the underlying unobservable variables (latent variables) that are reflected in the observed variables (manifest variables) known as factors. With FA, the researcher can first identify the […]

Decision trees are diagrams that show the sequence of interrelated decisions and the expected results of choosing one alternative over the other. Typically, more than one choice or option is available when you’re faced with a decision or, in this case, potential outcomes from a risk event. The available choices are depicted in tree form […]

Calculating the Probability of a Type II Error To properly interpret the results of a test of hypothesis requires that you be able to judge the pvalue of the test. However, to do so also requires that you have an understanding of the relationship between Type I and Type II errors. Here, we describe how […]

The term transcendence comes from the latin word transcendere which directly translates to to climb over or beyond, meaning anything that is described as transcendental is seen as not of normal existence. This definition of transcendence being bizarre or odd holds true when applied to mathematics. The first recorded use of the phrase transcendental number […]

Thin Layer Chromatography of the Unknown Analgesic Jessica Bajao*, Phoebe Abalos, Kevin Antiga, Carmelus Aseneta 3-Biology 2 College of Science, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines Abstract The group used five different analgesics in this experiment: aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, caffeine, and mefenamic acid. Six analgesics were spotted on the TLC plate including the unknown. After […]

When a man assumes the responsibility of running a business, he automatically takes the responsibility for attempting to forecast the future and to a very large extent his success or failure would depend upon the ability to forecast successfully the future course of events. Forecasting aims at reducing the areas of uncertainty that surround management […]

According to Mun(2006), Real Options(RO) is a ” systematic and comprehensive method” used to value real tangible assets. The term “Real Options,” first used by Myers(1977), refers to the application of financial options theory to investment decisions made by firms (Krychowski and QueA´lin, 2010). RO has been of growing interest to the academic community as […]

The descriptive statistics results of different markets are shown in Table 1, Table 2 and Table 3. The daily yield averages of BRIC countries, Nordic countries and North American countries are 0.077572581, 0.019607 and -0.02738 respectively. The yield average of BRIC region is quite higher than other regions. This explains why international idle money constantly […]

This paper shows calculation of a sample about 500 observations using a software SPSS which analyzes and explains the effects of the share holding structure on corporate performance. The recent studies of Jensen and Meckling 1976, Fama and Jensen 1983, and Hart 1983 indicate that the managerial ownership of shares in a firm create conflicting […]

The data suggests that the distribution of percentage Alumni donation rate is normally distributed with estimated mean of 29 and standard deviation of 13.44. Scatter plot of Alumni giving rate and Graduation rate. The plot suggests a statistically significant [F(1,46) = 61.3, P < .001) positive correlation of .756 between graduation rate and alumni donation […]

INTRODUCTION: It’s not just the new cars who face a strong market in the UAE, but also the used cars have always been very much in demand. “The used car market in the UAE is worth around US$2.5 billion in business and it is growing by a strong 15 per cent annually,” according to Kerem […]

The case of bankruptcy of Orange County in 1994 emphasize the importance of using duration and Value at risk (VAR) to assess portfolio risk and avoid future bankruptcy. Duration and VAR analysis provide deeper understanding about the underlying risk of the Orange County Investment Pool which was heavily leveraged and interest-pledged through reverse repurchase agreements […]