Abstract Selecting an appropriate career path is one of the most important decisions in an individual’s life span. People end up getting into a profession where they neither enjoy nor get out of it due to several reasons like financial situation, family pressure, single source of income, cost of education and availability of vast career […]

Studies ANOVA & Minimum Squares Tyrone Sewell Figures, MAT 201, Module V-CA5 Alfred Basta December 20, 2009 Stats ANOVA & Minimum Squares Look at the info down below for the revenue stages and price ranges paid for cars and trucks for 10 people today: | Annual Revenue Amount |Quantity Used on Vehicle | |38,000 |12,000 | […]

Introduction High performance liquid chromatography 214 is the most widely used of all of the analytical separation techniques. The reasons for the popularity of the method is its sensitivity, ready adaptability to accurate quantitative determinations, suitability for separating non-volatile species or thermally fragile ones, wide spread applicability to substance that are of prime interest to […]

Chapter-2 Real life data rarely comply with the necessities of various data mining tools. It is usually inconsistent and noisy. It may contain redundant attributes, unsuitable formats etc. Hence data has to be prepared vigilantly before the data mining actually starts. It is well known fact that success of a data mining algorithm is very […]

CHAPTER 4 DATA ANALYSIS AND RESULTS 4.1 Introduction Chapter 4 will discuss the findings of the research that obtained from the questionnaire. SPSS Version 22 will be used to analyse the data and summarise all of the results that collected from respondents. The function of data analysis is to facilitate in testing hypotheses. There are […]

CPM – Important Route Technique In 1957, DuPont made a job administration strategy designed to deal with the problem of shutting down chemical vegetation for servicing and then restarting the vegetation at the time the upkeep experienced been concluded. Given the complexity of the procedure, they developed the Essential Path Approach (CPM) for controlling these […]

“Ask those who remember, are mindful if you do not know).” (Holy Qur’an, 6:43) Removal Of Redundant Dimensions To Find Clusters In N-Dimensional Data Using Subspace Clustering Abstract The data mining has emerged as a powerful tool to extract knowledge from huge databases. Researchers have introduced several machine learning algorithms to explore the databases to […]

Title: Analysis of Vitamin C in Ribena Using Titration Aim: The objectives of this experiment were to gain knowledge on how to titrate solution and determine amount of Vitamin C in Ribena. Results Table 1: Mass of Ascorbic Acid in Volumetric Flask Mass of empty bottle (g)21. 5922 Mass of empty bottle with ascorbic acid […]

Abstract This study is based on the original M3-Competition. (The M3 competition was a competition designed to examine the forecasting capabilities of several forecasting organisations). The project, which uses the M3 data, replicates the results obtained by the original researchers and confirms the calculations of their study in terms of a SMAPE (Symmetric Mean Percentage […]