When the Nazi party took over Germany, they instituted rules and laws that affected Jews and other minorities differently than the primarily Caucasian majority. They caused extreme hardships for everyone during this time. These institutions, along with the inherent beliefs of the Nazi party, are what lead to what we now know as the Holocaust. […]

Jewish people Anne Frank and her family Christians or normal citizens helping people hide Mykola and Maria Dyuk helped hide people Renee Roth and her sisters hid in a convent People who were hiding Jewsish `peopls WHAT? (What happened?) During the holocaust the Nazi made it thier goal to wipe out the Jewish race. Many […]

I am so excited to share my personal perspective on a topic so closely held to my Jewish Heritage. Growing up as an observant Jew I was taught about so many historical events that go back thousands of years. Amongst them, the Holocaust resonates in my mind as an event that I feel as a […]

Anne Frank is known for her diary called The Diary of Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who lived and died during the Holocaust. Anne Frank was known for the diary that she wrote while hiding from the Nazis in an Amsterdam occupied Holland. Anne Frank was just 13 when she and her family […]

Humanity, Perfectly Flawed Beings. We, humans, are ignorantly foolish creatures. In the ending of Some Like It Hot, Osgood says, Well, nobody’s perfect! (Philip). Just like Osgood does with Jerry, we constantly try to prove to ourselves and others that we are merely flawed and that we are ultimately good, Yet time and time again […]

Who is Anne Frank? Essay

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What is this person most known for? What is their legacy? Anne frank is most known for being a victim of the World War II Holocaust, and she is also known for her written diary that was based on how she lived during the Holocaust time period. Anne’s legacy is her diary because if it […]

The Diary of a Youthful Female is element of the literary canon reserved for the academic institution. Era after era of learners examine by the diary, looking through it as a voice of optimism in the midst of a person of the darkest several hours in all of human history. It is common to look […]

In the Diary of Anne Frank, we get to see Anne change from a boy or girl to a girl all through her two yrs in hiding at the Secret Annex. Anne matured mentally and grew in expertise for the duration of her time in hiding. Her challenging predicament was made additional complicated by her […]