Man has always looked at the sky and wondered, what lays beyond the tips of our fingertips? The stars, comets and other celestial objects orbit our world and fly throughout the universe. We have made extraordinary leaps in our technology and space program, that because of this, we are able to know more about our […]

Throughout the 1900’s, communism took the world by storm as it spread through Europe and Asia. Karl Marx wrote about the widespread ideology in his greatest work of writing, The Communist Manifesto(1848), and declared that all property in society should be equally owned, and payment would be dealt according to his or her abilities and […]

Apollo 11On May 25, 1961, John F. Kennedy set the goal of landing the first men on the moon. This began project Apollo. The men who served on the project were brave, determined men. The project faced many obstacles including Apollo 1, where every soul was lost. But through all the challenges, mistakes were learned […]

At about 3000 feet previously mentioned the moon’s surface area, Neil Armstrong observed that all across the landing website there have been many scattered clumps of craters and boulders. At 300 ft, and descending the outstanding pilot managed to quickly maneuver his spacecraft a little bit left in buy to stay clear of the debris […]

 The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal is a history of the lunar area functions carried out by the 6 pairs of astronauts who landed on the Moon from 1969 as a result of 1972.i The Journal is intended as a useful resource for anyone wanting to know what transpired for the duration of the missions and […]

‘That’s 1 little move for gentleman, just one big leap for mankind, Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969’. This was just one of history’s popular quote, Neil Armstrong said this in advance of he took his initial move on the moon. The 363 ft. Apollo rocket start took area in Cape Canaveral, Florida at 9:37 am […]

The well-known astronomer known as Galileo made numerous incredible astronomical discoveries and his observations of the Moon were just a handful of of them. Galileo was the initial astronomer to find that the area of the Moon had pits, craters, and mountains and was not as smooth of a surface area as all people assumed. […]

Apollo 11 Mission The Apollo Plan was initiated in 1963 and was concluded in 1972. The purpose of this plan was to position a male on the moon, take a look at the floor of the moon, and develop the capability for person to work in the lunar setting (Loff, P.1). There were seventeen Apollo […]