Considering the many unfavorable results of company dissolution, it can be appointed in the articles of association that the withdrawal of shareholders should be the pre-procedure for dissolution of the company. Only when shareholders cannot agree upon their ways of withdrawal, the company takes the act of dissolution. Therefore, the author suggests that the company […]

CHAPTER1: INTRODUCTION In future the proactive and effective manage of cost, contracts, communication and claims – the four Cs- will consistently become more important to developers and facilitators involved in physical structures and properties. The Quantity surveyor should understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the needs of client in relation to cost, contracts, communication […]

Mental assets challenges, different dispute resolution, and ethical dilemmas usually impact companies in how the company conducts small business. This kind of is the circumstance of Acme, Inc., a pharmaceutical organization that been given a patent for an immortality drug but experienced no ideas to market the drug for each the company’s president and Beta, […]

The case about the businesses Acme and Beta Inc. relate to patents. Patents are described by the court as, “novel, practical, non-evident and intangible ideas”, (Colonia, et al., 2005). These are innovations that must follow a set of pointers and standards matter to patent protections. Patents will have to be new inventions that provide the […]

Employee Relations HRM Specific Assignment Dispute Settlement Tale of ContentPage Introduction These days, continue to some businesses are unsuccessful to figure out and accept the purpose of employee relations as a critical aspect of the strategic approach to Human Methods Administration. Having said that, the reality is that today’s turbulent company environment raises the demand […]

DISPUTE SETTLEMENT IN BILATERAL INVESTMENT TREATIES PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW   Dispute Settlement In Bilateral Investment Treaties Introduction Foreign Investment plays an important role in economic development. Mostly developing countries want to encourage foreign investment. When foreign investor invests in a host country, he faces many risks some of which include: Unlawful expropriation of investment, currency […]

LIRATTURE REVIEW Literature Review on contractual issues arising claims Avoiding construction claims and disputes requires understanding of the contractual terms, early no adversarial communication, and understanding of causes of claims.(Cheryl Semple, Francis T. Hartman, and George Jergeas) identify some of the critical element in construction contract, and investigates the causes of claims, categories of compensation […]

The rapid increase in trade, commerce and investment along with growing demand of asserting legal claims has led to streamlining of dispute resolution system in developing countries throughout the world. Litigation in many developing countries are confronted with numerous defects which have resulted in the evolution of the concept of alternative dispute resolution mechanism. With […]

In Post 21 of the constitution of India, it is been mentioned in the necessary tone that no individual need to be deprived with his life and personalized flexibility apart from according to the method recognized by law. Further, the system outlined in the Posting is not some sort of a course of action but […]