In this picture the people of Darfur are asking for help from international forces as they need safety and protection.We are able to see the distress and worry on their faces which appeals to our emotions. Luckily The U.S. and UN came to the rescue and built camps in Thailand for those who needed a […]

The twentieth and twenty first centuries witnessed some of the most brutal losses of life in the form of mass killings, genocides, and wars. The number of events that would be classified as genocides or institutionally sanctioned mass murders is estimated at twelve. Other sources may list more or less of these events as some […]

The begin of the Armenian genocide transpired in the calendar year 1913 and extended all the way through 1916 which involved the Turks and Armenian individuals getting area in the Ottoman Empire. Through historical past, tries to attain management in excess of land has been a significant cause of destruction and mass focusing on of […]

On April 24, 1915, Ottoman authorities rounded up, arrested, and deported between 235 and 270 Armenian neighborhood chief and students from Constantinople, the the vast majority of whom have been inevitably killed. The genocide was carried out all through Environment War I in two phases the killing of the capable-bodied adult men by massacre and […]