William Faulkner was an American writer and Nobel prize winner. He was born in Oxford, Mississippi. Faulkner wrote novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, essays, and plays. Everybody knows that Faulkner’s fiction is alive wither sound of African American music. In Soldiers Pay, individuals first dance to a blues orchestra and then listen to the singing […]

Can something as simple as symbols and imagery create an outstanding novel? William Faulkner’s novel As I Lay Dying is a story of a family on their forty mile journey to bury Addie, a mother and wife. Their journey is a tragic and long. In William Faulkner’s novel As I Lay Dying, Faulkner uses symbols […]

Transform from past to present: “”His head is established on using her to Jefferson,”” Swift reported. “”Then he greater get at it shortly as he can,”” Armstid reported. Anse satisfies us at the doorway. He has shaved, but not fantastic. There is a prolonged cut on his jaw, and he is carrying his Sunday trousers […]

In the novel, As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner’s utilization of symbolism in animals displays the Bundren’s makes an attempt to cope with the freshly death of their mother. The mechanism of familiarity is shown through the story to depict the instability the Bundrens experience now that they dropped their head of the home. Regardless […]