The book I chose is Space Disasters by Elaine Landau. It discusses the Apollo Missions. The Challenger Flight, and the men and women who were involved in space exploration. These early missions taught experts alot about what we should and should not do when sending people into space. It took us tragedies to get here, […]

German scientists had been experimenting with missiles in the 1930’s, however it was not until the end of WWII that the US and USSR became actively involved with experimenting and improving space weaponry. The mindset of the countries was to develop ways to defeat enemies without losing human lives on the battlefields. Tensions between the […]

So basically the Big Bang Theory is the idea that something most likely a star with an incomprehensibly large mass supernovaed and created our universe and everything in it. It started with all the people living in times up to the 20th century who believed that the universe was ageless and infinite. But then Albert […]

Planets surround the stars in the galaxy, how they were formed is what scientists are still trying to find out. Scientists have many theories on how they think the planets were formed. Their still doing a lot of studies to figure out how this galaxy and the Earth were created. Scientists believe the Big Bang […]

The following is an article authored by one contributor of, Charles Q. Choi on November 14, 2017. In his article, Charles explores and reports what he considers as facts about the planet Pluto. He starts by giving necessary information about the size, distance from the sun and other planets, among several different characteristics of […]

Launching the country’s first experimental space station, and building the ‘Beidou’ navigation system, China’s ambitious space program has made great progress in recent years. Surrounded by great triumphs, many Chinese people seem to have developed an illusion that their country is going to take the lead in space exploration. However, as the leader in space […]

Abstract: In this paper we have studied universe filled with two-fluid in an anisotropic and homogeneous Einstein – Rosen metric. For an inflationary universe we have considered one fluid which represent the matter content of the universe and other fluid is chosen to model the CNB radiation. The physical and geometric cosmological parameter are studied […]

As long as humanity has existed, people have looked to the stars. They were used for navigation or just to tell stories or explain the universe. Mankind has always dreamt of reaching into the cosmos, and with technology constantly growing, that dream is now a reality. We are reaching further into the sky to learn […]

When mentioning about the topic of outer space, the things that pop into people’s minds are usually about the beautiful and fascinating photographs of the planets, stars, and the galaxy. What people often do not know is that there are far more mysteries further above the clouds and the airplanes, and the night sky where […]

Every kid has thought about being an astronaut, floating in space and playing around, but many people think that space exploration is something that we should not do, and point our money to something more useful such as poverty in the United States. Man has always been interested about space. From when we landed the […]

Apollo 11On May 25, 1961, John F. Kennedy set the goal of landing the first men on the moon. This began project Apollo. The men who served on the project were brave, determined men. The project faced many obstacles including Apollo 1, where every soul was lost. But through all the challenges, mistakes were learned […]

Nevertheless, we still confront many much more problems. There are persons who recommend that we halt checking out house and concentrate on Earth’s difficulties. However, there are significant factors to continue house exploration, such as, inspiring learners and experts to progress scientific information, increasing our financial state, and fulfill human need to be curious and […]

Sir Isaac Newton is considered one particular of the most influential, preeminent researchers in history. He contributed to many different aspects of science through his thriving life, and created an effects that will past permanently. Newton was introduced into the earth on December 25, 1642 in Woolsthorpe, England. He was born prematurely, and was extremely […]

A volcano is described, by NASA, as an opening on the surface area of a planet or moon that enables substance hotter than its environment to escape from its interior. Whilst volcanoes are a usually imagined of as a feature of Earth, there are plenty of other planets and even moons with a array of […]

American astronomer, Donald Goldsmith, was born on February 24, 1943. He studied astronomy at the College of California at Berkeley and gained his PH. D. in 1969. In excess of the program of his lifetime, Goldsmith has published more than 20 books similar to science and astronomy, a single of his more well-liked types staying […]

Private space providers have a very very good impact on the space plan. But not all the time it’s a great influence. Private place organizations have been in the system for a prolonged time but just not too long ago people today have produced controversy about it. The major element of the controversy is if […]

When folks believe of area exploration, they feel of the stars of the demonstrate such as Neil Armstrong, the to start with male to walk on the moon or potentially John Glenn, the 1st American to orbit the earth. Even so these people do not ponder on the point that the guiding the scenes factors […]

How did the Renaissance modify man’s check out of male The Renaissance changed the entire world and the look at of man immensely in quite a few distinctive approaches. The Renaissance began about the 14th century in Rome. Rome and all of Europe had been catholic and thought every thing revolved all-around religion and religious […]

At about 3000 feet previously mentioned the moon’s surface area, Neil Armstrong observed that all across the landing website there have been many scattered clumps of craters and boulders. At 300 ft, and descending the outstanding pilot managed to quickly maneuver his spacecraft a little bit left in buy to stay clear of the debris […]

The well-known astronomer known as Galileo made numerous incredible astronomical discoveries and his observations of the Moon were just a handful of of them. Galileo was the initial astronomer to find that the area of the Moon had pits, craters, and mountains and was not as smooth of a surface area as all people assumed. […]

Apollo 11 Mission The Apollo Plan was initiated in 1963 and was concluded in 1972. The purpose of this plan was to position a male on the moon, take a look at the floor of the moon, and develop the capability for person to work in the lunar setting (Loff, P.1). There were seventeen Apollo […]

INTRODUCTION (Attention getter): Do you ever wonder how the universe performs? How time is not linear? how the planets revolve all over the sunlight? (Certain intent assertion): Albert Einstein did, from the instant he gained his geometry e book which he named his holy geometry e book, he was hooked. He went on to make […]

Advanced house exploration with the genuine launching of area shuttles, satellites, animals, and men and women over and above Earth’s environment into outer room began when the United States and the Soviet Union competed in the Space Race following Planet War II. This competitors involving the two rival nations around the world was instituted as […]