History is what has happened, in act and thought: it also is what historian’s make of it,’ an insight from historian Bernard Bailyn, in The Idea of Atlantic History. Historians continually seek out new perspectives through research resulting in a more comprehensive understanding of a given topic. For example, there are countless military, social, economic, […]

The United States: the greatest country to ever exist in human history, was formed through a gruesome war with the most powerful entity known to man at the time, Great Britain. All Americans know about how the American Revolution birthed this great country, but many do not understand or even know about one of the […]

The question over how the republic was dedicated to liberty for all while also being involved witha system of labor that denied human liberty on such a massive scale. He focused his study on Virginia, the largest state by population, size, power and influence, and slave numbers.Morgan began with a look at Elizabethan Britain that […]

Reasons and Motives for Imperialism During the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Western Europe soughed the aim of imperialism, which is known as New Imperialism. But what is Imperialism? Imperialism is when strong nations dominate the weaker ones by political, economic or cultural life. In Europe, the countries’ ambitions focused on Africa, […]

Although the Treaty of Ghent established that neither side could claim victory, I believe the War of 1812 can be considered as America’s “Second War of Independence.” Just as Americans had no other choice left but to declare war to have the grievances by Britain stopped in the American Revolution, so also was the case […]

The French and Indian War was an important dispute for the control of North America that was fought by Great Britain and France, as well as their native. The conflicts lasted from 1756 until 1763. Since it lasted for that long, it was also known as the Seven Years War. Many wars were fought between […]

During the Revolutionary War, colonists were getting furiously tired of the tax acts. In protest of the latest Tea Act of 1773 where the British East India Company was granted a monopoly on selling tea in the American colonies, American patriots decided to stage a protest on December 16, 1773 dressed as Mohawk Indians per […]

On the night of December 16, 1773, about 60 Boston colonists disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and boarded three East India Company ships. They were on a mission to dump the 342 crates of tea onboard into the Boston Harbor as retaliation for taxation without representation. Roughly 92,000 pounds (46 tons) of tea was now […]

Although acts such as the quartering acts, stamp act, and so on, led to the rise of the Boston Tea Party, the Tea Act was the last straw for the colonist. The Tea Act of 1773, allowed the British Indian Company to sell its tea directly to the colonies, underminding colonia tea merchants. Inspite of […]

The American Revolution was caused by the French and Indian War, the Proclamation Line of 1763, Navigation acts, lack of colonial representation, and violent colonial resistance. Even though the French and Indian War succeeded in giving Great Britain an enormous amount of territory in North America, it was also immensely expensive. In an attempt to […]

It would be agreed that for the British Colonists, the year of 1763 was seen as a great watershed in American History. On that note, throughout the years of 1756-1763, was a time period of salutary neglect that lead to the French and Indian war, in which the British called it the Seven Years War. […]

Introduction In the book, An Empire Divided: The American Revolution and the British Caribbean, the author Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy takes up a relatively unexplored topic from the early history of the United States and the Caribbean. He was not hesitant in letting the reader know the uniqueness of his book several times. Andrew O’Shaughnessy studied […]

The American Revolution, how did it effect America? How did it evolve if it did? Before we answer any of those questions we must first answer the question of what the American revolution really was. The American revolution was something that some believed was inevitable due to the fact that the British government tried to […]

By the late 18th century, the French presence in India was on the decline. Once the only serious challenger to British dominance on the subcontinent, by the 1780s l’Inde Fran?§aise had been reduced to a series of demilitarized and economically neutered stations on the subcontinent’s east coast. Though all of these territories had experienced substantial […]

The age of Imperialism was between the period of 1850 up until 1910. Imperialism in a simple definition is when a country wants to spread their political, social, or economic dominance using force from a military or through diplomacy. Imperialism is so important especially during that time because it added wealth and power to countries […]

The short story Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell takes location in British managed India. Orwell was a law enforcement officer for the British, located in Reduce Burma, and tensions among the Natives and the British ran large. With no Britain’s involvement in India, Orwell would not have felt the societal pressures to shoot the […]

Since the United States have come to be their individual state, it has long gone via lots of alterations in position. In advance of getting to be a nation, the United States was merely a sequence of territories belonging to multiple international locations. When we commenced to advance in status, we learned that 1 critical […]

Imperialism Imperialism is the result in and or the secondary purpose for a lot of confrontational periods in the record of not only America but the planet. Imperialism is when a region forcefully can take regulate of a further country whether it is by means of a territorial takeover or by extending political, economic, and […]

The people of the Non-Western World encountered an agonizing emergency of identity because of European radicals, fundamentally because of the power and in addition the haughtiness of their white gatecrashers. The underlying reaction of the general population of Africa and Asia was to endeavor to drive out the gatecrashers. Unfortunately, fierce enemy of outside response […]

All through the 1700s, came the start of just one of the biggest countries in this world, the United States. The course of action was no walkthrough and a lot of of the scarring events that took spot were necessary for the development of the independence movement by the colonists. A person really essential occasion […]

Imperialism is the action of a state expanding its electricity to a further nation or area by means of militarization and handling colonies from afar which was accomplished by numerous European countries, particularly in a wave of colonization of Africa developing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From 1800 to 1914, France imperialized quite a […]

At the close of the 19th century and the commencing of the 20th century, the earth was seething an explosive, hair-induce drive. Capitalism was undergoing a transition to imperialism. The worlds territory was divided among the worlds most potent nations. Colonies have been scattered through Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The wrestle between the new […]

From its origin as a smaller London enterprise, the East India Enterprise emerged in 1600 as a powerful commercial and political organization recognized by the English businessmen. Its early presence in India shaped the Gulf area and formally brought western men and women into Asia’s early fashionable landscape. All through the interval of 1700 to […]

The White Man’s Load &Royal Niger Organization Contract Lead to New Imperialism The Aged versus New Imperialism experienced modified noticeably in a sequence of a variety of strategies the two the White Man’s Stress and Niger Business Agreement demonstrated the transition from the Old Imperialism we talked over in our first discussion board. Outdated Imperialism: […]

Prior to Colonization The basis that was set up inside Egypt amid precolonial times was crucial to the nation that followed. As early as 3032 BC, prior to the colonization of the kingdom, Egypt was dominated by kings and pharaohs. Referred to as the ‘Lord of the Two Lands, the pharaohs had been responsible for […]