Grief is something that we all experience at some stage of our lives, therefore we do not get much opportunity to learn how to deal with it. Everybody reacts differently to the loss of someone close. I don’t think anyone ever thinks about tragedy until they are actually faced with devastating news. A harrowing experience […]

The evolution of healthcare has increased the need for experienced registered nurses. Compared to all other occupations, employment rates of nurses are expected to increase by 15% from 2016 to 2026 (United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018). Medas et al. (2015) estimate there will be a more than 400,000 of a […]

When you ask a random stranger, friend, or family member, “what does being a nurse mean or what is a nurse?” Usually you will get an answer that goes along the lines of “ a nurse is someone who cares for the sick.” It sounds so simple from a person looking in but it is […]

Neonatal Nursing is a subspecialty for nurses. It is a field of nursing specially designed for newborns and babies up to a month old. Neonatal feeding is an important part of the infant care program. These are trained professionals who focus on guaranteeing the newborns and babies under their supervision will withstand any health hazard […]

Nursing Theory The nursing theorist I most closely relate to is Clara Barton. Clara Barton was the founder of The American Red Cross in the United States. She began her career as a school teacher and moved on to become a clerk in the United States patent office. Her pursuit to help wounded soldiers through […]

Nursing is a challenging and versatile profession that offers an array of career opportunities. In this profession, leadership is an intricate phenomenon with the nurse leader being tasked with demanding responsibilities. Additionally, there are certain qualities that a nurse leader must possess for them to effectively carry out their duties. Nurse leadership has significant differentiation […]

Beneficence and nonmaleficence are arguably two of the most well-known and relevant topics in ethics. These terms are a central aspect of the nursing code of ethics and yield countless implications that guide our nursing practice. Beneficence is a moral action and ethical principle to promote good. This means that we are only performing interventions […]

Schenectady, New York. Sonia describes the average day in her profession and her overall feelings towards her job. The purpose of this structured interview is to assess the behaviors, attitudes, feelings and perceptions of an ordinary CNA while understanding how theories of job selection, satisfaction and theories of stress can help explain the existence of […]

Each individual has their own special image of what caring means. There are many ways to show caring to others. When thinking of the word “caring”, the first profession comes to mind is nursing. Nurses are regularly connected with caring in light of the fact that they comfort, support while helping patient to recuperate to […]

The Perioperative Nursing Process (ADPIE) Patient Mr.H is a 46-year-old male presenting with avascular necrosis scheduled to undergoe a right total hip arthroplasty (THA). The patient presented with severe right knee pain for months with no diagnosis. The patient explained “I can’t bend down to tie my shoes or bend down to pick up my […]

There are five fundamental elements of nursing practice: critical thinking, holism, communication, professionalism, and caring (SU, 2018). This paper will discuss the pillar of caring in nursing practice. According to the South University Bachelor of Science Handbook, caring is defined as “encompassing the nurses’ empathy for and connection with the patient as well as the […]