The Relation between Virtue and Pleasure in Aristotle and Kant Introduction ‘Every action and choice is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim.’ (Aristotle: 1094a1-3). Philosophy has always been concerned with trying to determine why we do the […]

Abstract For this analyze the emphasis is on the moral perspectives of organ donation. In this overview organ donation is defined as a consenting personal whom wanted to donate their organs. This is identified when the circulatory procedure in the overall body is no lengthier working (Thoung et el 2016). A single of the most […]

Introduction In 2005, a person named Stanley Tookie Williams was sentenced to dying by the Point out of California just after becoming convicted of murdering four persons. Though waiting for his execution, Williams tried to make amends by producing children’s publications that warned about the dangers of gangs and violence. Mainly because of these acts, […]