Description Guidelines for answeringpostlab questions, and writingformal lab reports Postlab questions: This applies to any postlab question in which you must write a short answer, especially any question in which you have to explain anything.  Please don’t just copy down part of the lab handout (or any external source) for your answer. If I […]

Description What to do: Read / Watch / Explore items [4-7], [4-8], [4-9], and [4-10] from the Read / Watch / Explore Resources for Module 4. Objectives Understand the origins and implications of acid rain. Interact more closely with a figure from the textbook. *Note: If you have a visual impairment that makes this part […]

Problem Solving Discussion

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Description For this topic, you will select two problems from the Chemistry: Atoms First, OpenStax text (in the link there is a book), one problem from each of the following two problem sets: For Problem 1: You MUST select a problem from the end of the chapter “Exercises” from Chapter 3: Problems 95-100; Chapter 4: […]

Description Discuss Indiana state NP community in terms of scope of practice. which includes:  Level of independence of practice Prescribing authority  Any limitations of practice  Process for obtaining licensure in Indiana Certification and education requirements for licensure.  If you live in a restricted or reduced practice state, how has patient care been impacted in your […]

Description Tiki Activity (Home Activity) Tiki idol faces all have different meanings.  For this activity, you are to choose a chemical element, draft a tiki that represents your element, and then write a couple of paragraphs explaining why the designs on your tiki embody your element. There are many meanings to the faces on a […]

Description we’re doing an experiment which is separating co2 from nitrogen, using a membrane, attached, is the essays we have written about the project and the planning start with  1-introduction about what is membrane and how co2 is effecting the environment and how valuable the separation is  2- objective ( co2 separation ) 3- about […]

Question Description I’m working on a chemistry question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. 1) Define acids and bases based on Arrhenius and Brønsted-Lowry theory? 2) Distinguish between the terms acid-base strength and acid-base concentration? 3) Calculate the [H3O+] of an aqueous solution that is: a. 1.0×10−9 M in OH− b. […]

Description Beyond Labz Charles’ Law: Temperature and Volume In this simulation you will investigate the effect of temperature on the volume of a gas at constant pressure and amount of gas. In the virtual experiment you will change the temperature of a balloon, containing a fixed amount of gas that is held at constant pressure, […]

VHS Electrode Potential Worksheet

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Description The chemistry of electrochemical cells involves redox reactions. In this assignment, demonstrate your understanding of the electrode potential and half reactions by completing a problem set. Instructions Your task is to complete the questions in the problem set. Please note that you must include units throughout all of your calculations and provide your answer […]

Description Now that you have completed module 5, reflect on the content that you have covered by answering the following prompts to the best of your capacity. please include the questions along with your responses. Will you commit yourself to go back into the module 5 discussion and practicing the flashcards on naming? For each […]

ISU Chemistry Lab Report

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Description Two different paragraphs explaining each. First picture is for lab 1, 2nd picture is for lab 2. Use basic university knowledge in organic chem 1 and 2. please provide detailed explanation. the product for the Grignard solution is triphenylmethanol . the product for the Wittig is ethyl p-nitrocinnamate lab 1: Analyze your NMR spectra […]

Description 1.pdf 2.… 3. Note: The assignment will be graded for timeliness and word count (200 minimum words). After reviewing the resources provided, please write a 200 word (or more) reflection about what you saw, heard and read pertaining to Dr. Pascal. You might wish to discuss: What was most interesting or most confusing […]

Description I have a really simple thing just write 2 questions. it’s not gonna take 5 minutes. Write TWO questions that you would want to see on the Final . Be sure to address all the points below. Your questions must be additionally labeled with the module/chapter from which they were created. You must write […]

Description . Assignment should not have more than five pages. . Assignment prepared by hand writing will be much appreciated. 7. Assignment will cover following sub-topics- -Chemical Structure & Naming -Physical & Chemical properties -Classification -Mechanism of Action -Chemical Synthesis/ Reaction Mechanism -Structure Activity Relationship, If any -Metabolism, If any 8. Try to cover as […]

Description Create an Infographic, Mind Map, Web Page, Animation or Cartoon to creatively explain and analyze the relationship between Entropy changes and spontaneity in chemical reactions. Thermodynamic Terminology: Explain each term using Images (explain the terms with minimum words) Work, State Function, Reversible vs Irreversible, System vs Surrounding, Entropy, Enthalpy and Gibbs Free Energy. Explain […]

Description Global Citizens Assignment: The GCP project is on green chemistry. At the end of the semester, you are required to prepare singled spaced 4 pages or a 2000 ? 2200 word essay for the GCP assignment. Students will use the following 3 elements that represent a potential target for replacement by a greener alternative: […]

Description A galvanic cell transforms chemical energy released by a spontaneous redox reaction into electrical energy. Galvanic cells are extremely useful in everyday life, comprising the batteries that power everything from cell phones to cars. In this assignment, you will build a variety of galvanic cells and analyze cell potential data. Instructions Your task is […]

Acid Base Titration Lab Report

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Description A titration is a common laboratory method used in analytical chemistry to determine the concentration of certain acids or bases during the production of certain biofuels, pharmaceutical drugs, and many other commercial products. In this assignment, you will perform an acid-base titration of an unknown acid. Instructions Your task is to conduct an acid-base […]

Maillard Reaction Presentation

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Description Recall that this course has the option of you submitting a final project instead of taking the final. You can only complete one of the two, not both. Assignment Impact The purpose of this assignment is to give those of you who don’t like taking exams an alternate assignment for you to showcase your […]

Question Description I’m working on a chemistry exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Draw a Chemistry Concept Map What topics should you include?  Unhybridized atomic orbital Hybridized atomic orbital Bonding molecular orbital Anti-bonding molecular orbital Correlation (energy-level) diagram – homonuclear versus heteronuclear diatomic species Valence e- configuration Bond order Diamagnetic, […]

Description A. Demonstration Experiment 1. Boyle’s law–effect of pressure at constant temperature Watch the following video for a demonstration of Boyle’s law. Assume a set up was arranged as described on pages 123-124. Fill in the following on your report sheet: Trial 1 Trial 2 First pressure(P1) 650 mm Hg 650 mm Hg Second pressure […]

Description Some of the report sheet answers are in this description: A. Zinc Chloride Watch the following video to get an idea of what the experiment looks like. Fill in the following on your report sheet: 1. Mass of evaporating dish and zinc: 53.39 g 2. Mass of evaporating dish: 52.91 g 3. Mass of […]

Description The goal of your Signature Assignment is to show that you can compute properties of solutions and analyze and interpret data. You will create a PowerPoint presentation that shows the process of going through an acid/base titration like you would if you were in a physical lab. For the presentation: You will prepare a […]

Description Experiment 1 – Online Version A. The Meterstick Use a printable ruler to complete this part of the procedure. Fill out all of Part A. on your report sheet, performing the calculations on your own. B. The Graduated Cylinder On your report sheet, record the Volume of water in graduated cylinder that you see […]

Description CHM 151 Writing Assignment A very important part of any scientific discipline is being able to communicate technical information in a clear, concise, and academically rigorous manner. This includes being able to research information that is relevant to a topic and write about what you learned in a way that is easily understood by […]

Description Experiment 6: Molecular Models (Modified Lab Manual/Lab Kit) You can access the Carolina Lab Manual for this experiment as well as the data sheet on the Experiments Data Sheets page. All recorded videos of the lab can be found on the Recorded Videos page. Background material can also be found on the Pre-Lab lecture […]

Description Instructions: To make your posts, select START A NEW CONVERSATION above. * *These must be words that are typed text within the textbox of the Rich Text Editor, thus words on any attached documents will not count towards the total. In addition to your initial posts to the topics in this Week 6 Discussion, […]

Description As with any new technology, social, ethical, legal, and economic issues must be taken into consideration. In the development of alternative energy technologies and the efficiency of industrial chemical reactions, there are numerous issues to explore. In this assignment, you will research and evaluate an issue related to energy change, then communicate your findings […]

Description In this section, you will need to submit a typed Word document answering all the post lab questions below. Make sure to include an appropriate title, your name and section number at the top of the page. 1. Explain Beer’s Law and identify each component in the equation. What does each component stand for […]

Description 7&8 Part  1 Using Online Library or the Internet, research organic chemistry and its differences from other branches of chemistry, such as inorganic or physical chemistry. Based on your research, respond to the following: What are the differences between alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes? What are the differences between cis- and trans-isomers of alkenes? How […]

Description COURSE OUTLINE MODULE 0: COURSE HOME Course Introduction Pre-test and other Quizzes MODULE 1: INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (Section 1.1) Observational Studies versus Designed Experiments (Section 1.2) Organizing Qualitative Data (Section 2.1) Organizing Quantitative Data: The Popular Displays (Section 2.2) MODULE 2: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS Measures of Central Tendency (Section […]

Description What ideas can help translate the challenge of global inequality into a manifesto for change? Answer this question by a) defining an issue area and ‘case’ (e.g. climate change in Chile, or global pandemics and international trade negotiations), b) explaining the causes of inequalities in this area drawing on ideas covered in the first […]

Description I need worksheet 2, Pre Lab, and Analysis Report 2 Worksheet 2 I would need in 10 hrs and pre-lab in 4 hrs (after I assign you ) Module 2 (introduction I attached here ) is divided in 2 weeks I will attach everything after I assign you !!! week 1 : Note: “Uncertainty” […]

Description WK 4 CHM Discussion Question 1 Using t Online Library or the Internet, research chemical reactions in healthcare. On the basis of your research, respond to the following: What is the difference between biochemical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic chemical reactions? What is a specific example that exists for each and why might they be important […]

Description A research about Food Safety and how chemical contaminate food  1. Abstract of the Research ( 150-250 ) Words 2. Introduction ( 1.5 Page ) – WHO role in food safety, recent stat, Background about chemical contamination ( Include pictures ), History of chemical use in agriculture and food protection Must include academic references. […]

Description I need someone help me with Interpreting FTIR and MS Spectra. If you need to access beyondlabz website for doing the assignment please let me know so I can give you my information. Enable text based alternatives for graph display and drawing entry Click here to erase all data entry on this page 1-5: […]

Description 1. Title: Give your experiment a title. 2. Purpose: Briefly describe the purpose of the experiment in your own words. 3. Reaction Scheme: Draw the overall scheme of the reaction we will be performing. Refer to the background reading in the handout for more information on the reaction we will run today. 4. Reagent […]

Description Thin Layer Chromatography PURPOSE To identify the components present in a commercial analgesic tablet using thin layer chromatography. LEARNING OBJECTIVES undefined Students will learn to: undefined Extract a component from a commercial tablet using gravity filtration Perform thin layer chromatography on known and unknown samples Analyze TLC plates using a UV lamp Calculate Rf […]

Water is the main regular asset on the planet; its significance can’t be over underlined. It is the most plentiful fluid on earth as it covers 3/4 of the earth surface. While 71% of the outside of the Earth is covered by seas, the freshwater assets contained in springs, lakes, streams and glacial masses just […]

Shedding is that the course toward riddance dead skin cells from the skin layer of your skin. though a couple of individuals trust this redesigns the closeness of their skin, it’s not for everyone and – if not done genuinely – may win a great deal of hurt than everything else. On the off chance […]

Through human history, war has always developed new technologies that are advancements outside of war. World War I and World War II were the most influential periods in human history in terms of technological improvement. When Marie Curie created the x-ray she created one of the most important recent medical advancements. When Lewis Nixon invented […]

Biochemistry is used to show the chemical processes that occur in living organisms. In most biochemistry laboratories, researchers dedicated to the study of chemical processes and biological macromolecules. In the lab, many laboratory techniques have been used to isolate, quantitate, measured ammonium salt fractionation and many other fundamental techniques that are used in the laboratory. […]

The body naturally reacts to activity by sweating, breathing heavily and your heart pumping. These physiological factors are important to the body state of homeostasis. The body stays consistent during regular functions but changes with exercise that affect the body’s temperature, blood oxygen levels, sugar levels and hydration. Keeping these properties regulated during exercise is […]