Andrew Jackson lived in his home called “The Hermitage” in Tennessee. Some people believed that Andrew Jackson was the best President since the Founding Fathers. Jackson was a very controversial President. His opinion on Native American removal from their own lands and African American slaves is still controversial to this day. Jackson’s parents immigrated to […]

Imagine being forced out of a place that you and your ancestors had considered home for thousands of years, having promises broken, being forced to act like the people taking your culture away from you, or being forced on to the smallest fractions of land with little resources to go around. For Native American tribes […]

Andrew Jackson was a very respected president who during the 2 terms he served was apart of major controversies of how he handled and followed through with the land disputes with the Cherokee Nation and other Native tribes in Georgia. With all of this starting with the United States finding gold in Georgia which ultimately […]

The Cherokee are described as a clean people. Cleaner than the settlers and other Indian tribes in the area. They thought water was a holy gift by the Great Spirit, so they went to it often. Ehle describes the Cherokee being quite matriarchal. Cherokee women had more rights than most European women did. She chose […]

Long before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 was a time when North America was the unknown except to the natives who were already living there. He called the natives Indians because he thought he had reached India. Fast-forward a couple of hundred years people were trying to get away from England to […]

On millions of acres in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida is where over 100,000 Natives American would call home in the early 1830s. Due to white settlers who wanted to harvest cotton where the Natives were settled, the federal government would soon force Native Americans to travel thousands of miles across the Mississippi […]

The Policy of Civilization helped to fund missionary organizations to go into indian nations particularly in the south and teach indians how to be the normal, stereotypical white american of the time. This included teaching them how to eat, dress, pray, and live the life that white americans believed to be a civilized, normal life. […]

Generally in conversations of United States record, mentions of the Path of Tears appear up as a significant blight, as well as treatment of the indigenous people on the entire. But we know that a wonderful a lot of factors about U.S. heritage are blown significantly out of proportion to make the nation feel evil. […]

The Problem of this venture: How was the journey to acquiring legal rights, for the Cherokee nation? The journey to getting rights as a Cherokee nation was a long a tough journey. The Cherokee individuals had 53,000 sq. miles of land in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama mixed but in 1802 white settlers, and […]

Ever due to the fact Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean and landed in the Bahamas in 1492, Europeans have taken about Indian land. They continuously intruded, destroyed and stole from the Indians. It was clear that at some point, a conflict would occur from these doings. Following a extensive time of stress and rebellions versus […]