Introduction The term child has been defined by various authorities and prominent characters of the world in different ways. The international Convention on the Rights of Child has elaborated the term ‘child’ is as follows. ‘‘For the purposes of the present Convention, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless […]

Fostered or Overlooked? A drug addict is sprawled out on the flooring, unconscious from the heroin coursing via her veins and the just one much too several just about lethal blows to the head from an abusive boyfriend. Three children aged concerning five and nine keep in their breath as to not be detected in […]

Description of the difficulty that necessitated the coverage From 1990 right until 1993 there was a constant improve in the quantity of youngster maltreatment cases and victims from ages -17. When on the lookout at variety of instances that incorporate copy victims the quantities rose from 861,000 instances to 1,032,000 scenarios. The figures each dropped […]