Behavioral therapies are based on the theory of classical conditioning. The principle of behavioral therapy is all behavior is learned. Faulty learning (i.e. conditioning) is the cause of anomalous behavior. The aim of the behavioral therapy is to focus on current behavioral issues and on efforts to remove the undesirable behaviors. Behavioral therapy has clear […]

Behavioral idea approach is centered on the fact that habits is discovered from the earlier activities. It also states that the very same way a behavior can be realized it can also be unlearnt or reconditioned. This is a principle based on the reality that all behaviors are acquired as a result of conditioning. There […]

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to make clear the software of reinforcement principle by the administrators to condition employee’s behaviors in order to prevail over restraining forces of modify in an business. Aim is to describe the managerial facet of making use of reinforcement theory. For much better rationalization, some essential fundamentals of […]