Living in the 21st century, aside from different wares and results of mechanical advancement, suggests confronting genuine difficulties. Among them, one can name a worldwide temperature alteration, underdeveloped nation yearning and neediness, atomic weapons, malignant growth, etc; one of such issues that represents a critical danger to current individuals is wretchedness. Wretchedness has gotten perhaps […]

Composed by Marilyn Waniek, “The Century Quilt” portrays the significance of legacy in the storyteller’s life. Utilizing symbolism, tone, and design, Waniek adequately delineates the significance of her blanket. The blanket addresses her family’s legacy as well as her future legacy. Waniek’s phrasing makes a nostalgic tone: “I recalled how I’d wanted to acquire that […]

Cognitive Psychology is defined as the scientific study of mental process such as, attention language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity, and thinking. Most of the work derived from cognitive psychology has been integrated into various other modern disciplines such as Cognitive Science and of Psychological study known to have suggested that the brain was […]

 While HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) is unarguably multi-disciplinary in its roots, cognitive psychology is a field that has had prominent contribution to its development. From cognitive psychology, HCI has assumed its theory-based research on experimental methods in laboratory settings, as well as research methodology on information processing by humans and computers (Hurtienne, 2009). This type of […]

Cognitive psychology is the study of brain processing. The way humans think and why they think that way. An important part of the thinking process is memory. There are believed to be two different types of memory long-term and short-term. Short-term memory is the ability to recall information that was just introduced. Short-term memory or […]

Cognition can be defined as a mental process or action of gaining knowledge as well as understanding through senses, thought and experience. Psychology is a diverse science which explores various issues that are related to our behavior as well as the mind. This discipline involves the immensity of challenges as well as the examination of […]

Cognitive psychology looks at mental processes such as memory, problem solving, language use, attention, thinking, and creativity. Psychologists learn more about how these processes work every day. They can develop new ways of fighting potential memory problems and helping people improve their memories. There are so many areas that a cognitive psychologist could help a […]