The world is always changing to fit our needs. Technology helps satisfy our needs; however, in this topic technology is the advantage. Just a brief history, we didn’t have very much of anything; and if we did it wasn’t tech like. Well we had computers, however they were built into the walls. The phones were […]

Everyday, the human race utilizes more than a million terajoules of energy. With the global population constantly increasing and industrialisation on the rise in nations that have just begun their development process, our species hunger for energy is reaching unprecedented levels. Over half of our energy comes from the burning of fossil fuels extracted from […]

Introduction for commodity futures market CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION FOR COMMODITY FUTURES MARKET According to Bosworth and Lawrence (1982), commodities are commonly refers as products grown on land (like crops), extracted from land (like minerals), or raised on land (like cattle) that have been subject to only the initial stage of processing. Examples of […]

The financial system and the commodity market play a vital in economic performance and development. In order to provide a clear understanding, we begin with definitions of international finance as the branch of economics that studies the variations of exchange rate, foreign investment and how these affect the international trade. We introduce financial market with […]

The FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) predicts that rice consumption will be up 2.7% in 2010 as the market rebounds form recent declines. In an overall world economy that is still struggling to rise above a failing economy, the promise that rice shows for a growth in the economy of its […]

In India market for futures are from a very long time back , it was there in early 1800s. After Independence, the Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1952 (FCRA, 1952) was passed to promote and regulate this market with Forward Markets Commission (FMC) being set up in 1953 in Mumbai as the regulator. “Commodity derivatives were […]

Marketing and advertising Method: In contrast with the research results of Scherer at al. , it is that in the pharmaceutical corporation significant range of the diversified portfolio could possibly not return substantial profits. The technique of the Rumack prescribed drugs was that they expanded their merchandise range to maintain and then capitalize on the […]

Joy Harwood, Richard Heifner, Keith Coble, Janet Perry, and Agapi Somwaru (1999), “Running Possibility in Farming: Concepts, Investigate, and Evaluation”, Agricultural Economic Report No. 774. Washington DC, Financial Study Services, U.S. Section of Agriculture. Threat and Hazard Administration Threat is the likelihood of adversity or decline (Bodie and Merton) and refers to “uncertainty that issues.” […]

History on the record of Enron: Enron was an American Fuel Firm that was initially identified as Organic Gas Enterprise in the early 1930’s. InterNorth was a keeping corporation that was located in Nebraska and in 1979 obtained Pure Fuel Organization. In 1985, Enron was born next the merger of InterNorth and Houston Natural Gasoline. […]

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that appears to be like at choice-centered suggestions. It primarily tells you how to dwell a morally excellent life. Karl Marx is a popular philosopher who targeted generally on the sub-self-discipline. Karl Marx’s best contribution to the sub- discipline of ethics was his thrust to stop capitalism and swap […]

This report describes the fantastic despair period of time in the United States, its results in and effects. There are lots of viewpoints exists on the occasions of the good melancholy period and this short article will focus on functions by two major philosopher viewpoints – a single from Emily Durkheim and other from Karl […]

Roy Andersson, a Swedish filmmaker regarded for his experimental nonetheless simple solution to aesthetic and his humorous perspective on the harmful mother nature of human habits, communicates a deeply rooted and concealed issue alive in the course of the earth these days in his film Songs from the 2nd Flooring (2000). Through this darkish-comedy/drama film, […]

Software of Bai’ Salam In Bai’ Salam is a sort of merchandise that the bank or economic institution will give the liquidated income or capital in progress to the needy to create their commodities and later the commodities will be provide to them. Even though in Bai’ Salam alone it can be divided into three […]