Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development expresses that children move through four different stages of mental development growing up. His theory focuses not only on understanding how children acquire knowledge but also on understanding the nature of intelligence. The stages of his theory are the sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, […]

“Predicting rain doesn’t count, building arcs does.”– Warren Buffet In a broader sense, we all wish to be problem solvers. A scientist invests, an investor hedges, a manager strategizes, and an engineer builds, to solve problems. It is our inherent nature to find the solution to hindrances and improve existing work to increase the returns, […]

Beginning during the Civil War and continuing until the end of Reconstruction, there were many continuous events that happened that all led up to a revolution. The momentous conflict pitted “brother against brother” and revolutionized America in a way never seen before. The radical shift in laws and the federal governments influence in the social […]

Reflection Poverty is the state of scarcity or the lack of specific things. Such things may include possessions or money that is essential for humans to make their life better or comfortable. According to Foster and James, poverty is defined as the state of someone who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money […]