A composition is commonly referred to any writing piece such as novel, poem, verse, or free paper. Accordingly, there are requirements for the composition of any of them. For instance, a student before writing a verse should know its stylistic characteristics, prosody, and rhyme rules. If there is an assigned task to write anything related […]

No matter what others say about their experience of writing essays, it all has nothing to do with reality if students clearly understand the goal of the paper. Usually, professors assign this task to check how one thinks critically. The language stylistics, topical vocabulary, supporting evidence and facts, and one’s personal opinion about the selected […]

Composing a paper is a kind of easy-manageable task if a student has a syllabus or instructions from the professor. At the same moment, it becomes the worst nightmare if there are no explanations and help. Especially, it happens when one is assigned a composition essay. Students may wonder what is it? Isn’t essay a […]

The term “composition” can be referred to many writings depending on the purpose and circumstances. It encompasses poetry, short stories, narratives and essays itself. Typically, students understand the instructions of what to deal with after having a meeting with a curator. There would be discussions about topics, requirements, format, and so on. However, it does […]