Teenage pregnancy is a great issue in today’s world which we as a society must come forth and solve this matter. Teens today get much more information about sexually transmitted diseases in school ed classes than they do about pregnancy prevention according to Dr. Philippa Gordon, a pediatrician in Brooklyn, N.Y (Brody). The issue I’m […]

People’s lives are at risk! Africa is currently experiencing a major HIV/AIDS epidemic. HIV/AIDS is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and a sexually transmitted disease. It can cause night sweats, fever, depression, fatigue, and loss of appetite. This horrendous disease is striking most of Africa. Many countries are in need of inspection, such as Tanzania, who […]

Introduction The accessibility and availability of Birth control is a growing concern. It is an issue that affects every adult of marriage age significantly. Away from its moral and ethical issues, birth control presents a practical and fertility control methods, a practical and cost effective health intervention practice. This research paper aims at understanding what […]

Prostitution is observed by individuals as the worst factor a woman can do for dollars. When we hear about prostitution, we sometimes talk to ourselves: why do they want to have sex with many males for money? Do not they feel about all the conditions? Even with the simple fact that prostitution has brought on […]

Introduction The charge of sexually transmitted an infection is expanding specially gonorrhea and chlamydia in adult men who slumber with adult males (MSM). MSM are straight guys who request a sexual face with a fellow male counterpart. These guys are neither gay nor do they have a sexual attraction to their fellow males. They are […]

  There are quite a few countries about the earth that are afflicted by the HIV epidemic. Two nations around the world in specific are Africa and Russia. Nowhere in the environment is the HIV/AIDS epidemic been more devastating than the continent of Africa. For South Africa, political chaos and a prolonged heritage of govt […]

Durex is an set up British model producing by SSL Worldwide. The title Durex refers to the limited terms of “Durability, Trustworthiness and Excellence. ” (Durex, 2010) Durex aims to be extremely innovation and socially dependable which have manufactured Durex the world’s No 1 condom producer. The firm is the chief of the market place […]