Oftentimes in society, much of what drives law enforcement can be the community and society they are involved in. Socioeconomic status, racial underpinnings within communities, and overall demeanor are factors that affect how a law enforcement officer may interact with the residents of their community. In the movie Murder on a Sunday Morning, these interactions […]

In considering the extent to which the police have complied with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984 and the PACE Codes of Practice regarding the arrest, detention and interrogation of Graham and Nisha it is to be appreciated that a police officer (Ministry of Housing & Local Government v. Sharp, at p.266, per […]

Exploration Dilemma The analysis dilemma in the post, Innocent but Demonstrated Responsible: Eliciting Internalized Bogus Confessions Making use of Doctored-Movie Proof by Nash and Wade (2008), is: Could bogus-online video proof guide people today to think they dedicated an act they never did? This study issue is appealing as it reveals how folks could be […]

It is clear to see in the case of Barry White v The Crown that there are several issues arising on the facts. These issues shall now be argued under various grounds of appeal below. Ground 1- Failure to dismiss evidence that has been obtained unlawfully In regards to the evidence within the case in […]