As a naturally inquisitive species, the human race has questioned where we came from for thousands of years. Dating back to years even before antiquity, for example, an all-powerful force was utilized to explain all information (or lack thereof) that the naked eye could not extrapolate into concrete answers. The sun, for example, rose, because […]

Evolution and Creationism are the two main opinions about how humans came to be. Evolution tries to explain how we came from chimpanzees in a yet to be identified common ancestor. Christianity explains that God created everything, and that man was created in His own image separate from animals. The scientific method is how we […]

Human beings have always been curious to find out where they came from. This has led to endless debates, none of which has been proven or failed to be proven as true. The two main theories as to the origin of humanity are creationism and evolution. Creationists have their theory mainly based on the religious […]

One of the questions that have rocked the world is “how did we get here” essentially ” how did earth come about”, “what is the truth about what caused this”. There are really only 2 answers that people today believe in Some believe the universe and the human race made by intelligent design, and some […]

Planets surround the stars in the galaxy, how they were formed is what scientists are still trying to find out. Scientists have many theories on how they think the planets were formed. Their still doing a lot of studies to figure out how this galaxy and the Earth were created. Scientists believe the Big Bang […]

Creation vs. Evolution Paper What do you believe in? Is it Creation, and that Jesus Christ created the world or Evolution, and that the Big Bang created the universe? With the basic knowledge I have on both topics and what we’ve discussed in the past week, as well as, the websites I have visited, I […]