Cultural relativism is the point of view that a culture ought to be socially assessed by its own social measures and not by those of another culture. Sociologists believe that good and moral frameworks, which shift from culture to culture, are for the most part similarly substantial and nobody’s framework is extremely superior to some […]

People tend to view the world from a single perspective, which is usually their own. People also apply their own cultural standards for judging the beliefs, customs, and values of other communities. Cultural relativism is an ethic which consists of beliefs, values, and customs. It is the society’s culture which decides what is considered right […]

Manukyan Ruth Benedict was regarded a founding determine of American anthropologist and Benedict taught at Columbia University. Benedict was partially deaf. She has published quite a few publications, several of her textbooks have been released, and she is very well recognized. Benedict views social systems as communities with common beliefs. She thinks that one particular […]

There has been a long discussion about civil disobedience in our country. Is it an correct response to things that we do not like? Or really should we by no means have interaction in it? Relying who you question, some may argue its okay when there is a want for change, whiles some others condition […]