Use the Network You Already Have Networking is key in the job hunt. It’s important to build a relationship with someone in the career field you want to work in. People talk and people have connections. There are some HR staff who feel more comfortable interviewing or hiring a person who has been referred by […]

Edward Snowden is one of the world’s most famous whistleblowers. In 2013 he leaked highly classified information about the NSA program called “Optic Nerves.” NSA is a global surveillance program run by American and British spy agencies (MacAskill). The programs are said to take webcam images every five minutes from Yahoo users’ video chats, and […]

According to this act many researchers research on political participation but they don’t found any significantly change. According to Macedo et al. (2005) considered that political participation and civic participation are interlinked concepts, that allows to expand the civic activities. Commonly we said that the political participation are the set of activities which perform from […]

Cyber-crime is a fast-growing area of crime, with more criminals exploiting the convenience, speed, and anonymity of the Internet in committing different criminal activities without either physical or virtual borders and causing harm and significant threats to small businesses, corporations, and government agencies. In recent times, our society is increasingly relying on the internet and […]

Social Media has become extremely popular in today’s culture. Some people embrace this newfound idea of social media to communicate, others are highly protestant about it and do not associate themselves with it. It is important to see both sides opinions on why social media can hurt us just as easy as it can help […]

The drug trafficking industry generates about half-a-trillion dollars annually through illegal manufacturing and selling, yet is it possible that the internet is a factor in the overall operation?1 Yes, and as a result the distribution of narcotics in the depths of cyberspace accounts for fourteen-to-eighty million dollars in the broad narcotics scandal.2 To comprehend how […]

ABSTRACT Today, the most popular and common topic of many discussions are social networking websites. The Internet connected us, made ​​us even more available, and brought us closer to each other, but at the same time, the Internet estranged us from each other. We are living in an era of expansion of online social networking, […]

Social networking sites offer people new and varied ways to communicate via the internet, whether through their PC or their mobile phone. Examples include MySpace, Facebook and Bebo. They allow people to easily and simply create their own online page or profile and to construct and display an online network of contacts, often called ‘friends’. […]

Contents Introduction What is E –Commerce Marketing Your Product Identifying and meeting your customer needs Training of staff Design of the Website Monitoring your website Protecting your website Customer Service: Legislation national and international Conflict with Retailers Bibliography THE POTENTIAL RISK TO ORGANISATIONS COMMITTING TO AN ECOMMERCE SYSTEM Introduction In this report I will discuss […]

Internet banking system has become widely popular and used among many consumers. There is much debate as to whether internet banking system is secure. This essay argues that client, data transport and bank’s server are important players in terms of internet banking security. This essay demonstrates some vulnerability of these sections and shows successful solutions. […]

INTRODUCTION It is undeniable that in cyber world, everyone is able to create a number of personalities that no one could distinguish whether an identity is reliable or not; or, even leave a hole to cyber crimes to carry on internet frauds using different fake identities. Consequently, this circumstance might lead to much confusion and […]

Cryptography Latika Arora , IT/06/321 Shri Balwant Institute of Technology Pallri, Sonipat, Haryana it06321. sbit@gmail. com ABSTRACT The present century has been one of many scientific discoveries and technological advancements. With the advent of technology came the issue of security. As computing systems became more complicated, there was an increasing need for security. Network Security […]

Abstract The privacy of the Internet must be protected. Now a day all you do and all you buy is saved then stored for future references. Your bank account information or SSN anything that requires the user to provide highly delicate information is kept and can be accessed by someone who breaks into their server […]

The expanding issue which I believe people all around the globe should be more aware of is internet privacy. A user’s convenience of being able to use the internet comes with a critical responsibility of concealing their personal information online as best as possible. Online privacy is a primary human right and without it, all […]

According to Alvarez Technology Group, “a hacker attacks an internet-connected computer every 39 seconds in the United States.” (Admin.). Cybercrime is a dangerous game within the embodiment of the mysterious Internet. People who do cybercrime are anonymous and hard to track. There are many sources that help combat the rise of cybercrime. According to the […]

Abstract The purpose of this document is to research on drones and its effect on the society. Drone is one of the major benefits to the smart city such as providing wireless access to mobile hotspots, contributing to safe infrastructure maintenance, helping save lives, and surveying the damage of natural disasters. There are also negative […]

Cybercrime is a crime that involves a computer. It is defined as Offences that are committed against individual or groups of indiduals with criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm, loss to the victim directly or indirectly using internet. It affects person, financial health and nation’s […]

Cybercrime is known to be a worldwide crime due to its outrageous outcomes. Cybercrime doesn’t involve with just one crime, but indeed with multiple crimes. Some crimes that involve a cyber crime are Hacking, Scams, Computer vandalism, Cyber Terrorism, Phishing, and Internet Fraud. Cybercrime is considered to be one of the biggest threat to society […]

The internet has helped to improve the performance factor, the term Internet is defined as the collection of computers that provides a network of electronic connections between different computers. There are lots of computers connected to the internet. With the benefits of the use of Internet comes with cyber-crime which is associated with the use […]

The Financial sector totally depends on information in order to function. The clients in the banks are not only provided financial services but also security services. Giving clients the assurance of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of their financial information is a key function of financial information. Information systems and technology are critical for the financial […]

Cyber crime in Bangladesh Introduction: New communication system and digital technology have made dramatic changes in the way we live. In the last decade the Internet has achieved considerable expansion. In today’s world, international borders don’t bind this kind of crime, which exploits the technological situation of the global market. In Bangladesh the rate of […]

With increasing threat to your identity online it becomes important to place certain preventive measures to keep your identity traces safe. Here, advanced identity theft protection tools can help you monitor your identity traces online and protects you from all possible cyber threats & attacks. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here. Advanced Identity […]

Social networking has a lot of threats to them over these past few years. A lot of these sites like Facebook deal with security issues on their websites. In their research paper Schaik, Jansen, Onibokun, Camp, & Kusev (2018), examined the security threats that is on social networks. When people share online there will always […]

It is an unsophisticated fact that once information has been put into the digital world, it is public and permanent, whether you believe it or not. Free and low-cost digital tools allow students to create/write blogs, share their photos and artwork on social media, design videos and grow a YouTube following, and participate in projects […]

In the last two centuries communication has drastically changed. The internet has opened many doors. Everyone is able to communicate with whoever they want to and whenever they want to whether near or far. Nobody has to pay for long distance calls anymore, everything can be done over the internet, which brings me to my […]

v TRANSPORT LAYER SECURITY TLS is a successor to Secure Sockets Layer protocol. TLS provides secure communications on the Internet for such things as e-mail, Internet faxing, and other data transfers. There are slight differences between SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0, but the protocol remains significantly the same. It is good idea to keep in […]

CHAPTER 1 ABSTRACT The purpose of this exercise is to provide a detailed design document as per the requirements given in various formats by the Client NoBo Inc. The scope of this document includes at first explaining the requirements provided by the client, explaining the solution both from a top level view and detailed, also […]

2.0 CHAPTER TWO 2.1 INTRODUCTION The ever increasing need for information technology as a result of globalisation has brought about the need for an application of a better network security system. It is without a doubt that the rate at which computer networks are expanding in this modern time to accommodate higher bandwidth, unique storage […]

Abstract We are living in the communication era. The communication technology is growing at a fast pace. From the market survey, it has been shown that the fastest growing demand in the market was for electronics items in the past before 1990s. After the introduction of the mobile technology in the market, the demand for […]

Chapter 4 VoIP Security Issues 4.1 Denial-of-Service (DoS) in VoIP Purpose: The purpose of VoIP DoS attack is to exhaust network resources and interrupt VoIP operations through a flood of messages or by corrupting or degrading the quality of messages, thus preventing subscribers from effectively using the service. Situation: We must consider different scenario when […]

The data is usually in bits. Transmission normally takes place through media.  One of the model which best describes the transmission of data is the TCP/IP model. It contains four layers. The first one is the network interface layer which is responsible for receiving and placing TCP/IP packets on the network. The second layer is […]

HTML Basic Document <html> <head> <title>Document name goes here</title> </head> <body> Visible text goes here </body> </html> Heading Elements <h1>Largest Heading</h1> <h2> . . . </h2> <h3> . . . </h3> <h4> . . . </h4> <h5> . . . </h5> <h6>Smallest Heading</h6> Text Elements <p>This is a paragraph</p> <br> (line break) <hr> (horizontal rule) […]

To spread the news about the sustainability policies to reach the younger generation they can use the following measures: Use of brand advocates: The best advocates are people who love your brand, this will increase brand image and encourage word of mouth publicity. They can create brand advocates in different cities and states who discuss […]

Will Net Neutrality Be Reinstated? Net Neutrality is the belief that internet service providers do not charge for specific sites but treat all internet usage data equally. This belief is that internet service providers have to treat all online usage data the same, they cannot block, slow down or charge you for visiting specific sites. […]

Net Neutrality Net neutrality is a term first used by Tim Wu, a media law professor of Columbia University. It is the concept that internet service providers should regard all media and content equally. This includes being unable to block sites and users, slow down traffic or charge more for certain platforms. Users are still […]

General Purpose: To explain what net neutrality is Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience the importance of it being a law Central Idea: Net neutrality can prevent internet service providers from favoring one internet source over another. INTRODUCTION Many people are unaware of net neutrality and how it impacts their internet service. As more streaming […]

Chapter 1. Introduction Project Overview Last year a project was completed for Mr. Starkey (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) to design a family website. The website was centered on a fantasy football league created for family and friends from around the world. Many other features were involved in the creation of this website including games, […]

Despite the growth of technology displaying definite significant to the society, it has been subjected to many challenges with the most conspicuous challenge being the cyber security issue.  To be in a position of defining how cyber security has negatively affected the technology industry, it serves great importance mentioning that cyber security is a set […]

Introduction The spectacular development of the internet has triggered much interest in different areas such as marketing. Businesses are experimenting with this new type of technology to support their commercial activities. There are various e-marketing tools available to e-marketers. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast various e-marketing tools currently being used […]

The Transport Layer Security Protocol is used to communicate between client-server applications across a network. TLS helps in the communication preventing from the following Tampering, Eavesdropping, Message forgery. TLS provides the authentication at the endpoints and confidentiality over the network using cryptography and also it provides RSA security with 1024 and 2048 bit strengths In […]

CHAPTER 1 PROJECT OVERVIEW 1.1 Prelude In today’s advertising world , web sites owned the most significant part and so many business transactions are done with internet and without the direct contact of two parties.So in this case the web sites are recommenders of your goods and this issue is shown the significance of the […]

The term identity theft isn’t new anymore as its traces go back to more than a decade now. Users are on brink of identity theft as it is increasing leaps & bounds all around the world. While there are certain preventive measures you can follow to keep your identity safe, using advanced identity protection software […]

Kang In early March of 2018, an email service called Tutanota was unavailable for customers of Comcast. Once customers tried to connect to Tutanota with a different ISP (Internet Service Provider) it seemed to work. Consumers began to speculate, and as they thought Comcast had blocked traffic through the site, breaking the net neutrality laws. […]

No one can deny the fact that the Internet is the most important invention ever. More and more people are gaining the ability to access the Internet by a home computer and a modem. It also plays a strong role in business, education, and entertainment. Some even said that the Internet is making the world […]

The Effect of Social Networking on Businesses today!   The general purpose for businesses using social networks is for communication, sponsorship, consumer research, community building, and for marketing. Each one helps a business grow in a huge way. These social sites are able to get the business publicity and get the word out about whom […]

The CAC and the importance of PII The department of defense starting using the Common Access Card or CAC in the spring of 2001. The CAC is used to enable physical access to building, installations, and controlled spaces, and is used to securely access unclassified information systems and applications that link the Department’s computer networks. […]

Social media was created to further the future in technological excellence. It was created to, simply, make our lives easier than previous. It has become very helpful with communicating with others without having to be there in person. This is a wonderful concept for businesses and companies alike, having to only have a decent internet […]

The Social Web Takisha Williams INF103 Computer Literacy Jaclyn Minor September 13, 2010 Who would have thought 50 years ago that a person could socialize with complete strangers across the world with just the click of a button? The web is full of useful and important scholarly information, but it’s not just about business and […]

A social media strategy is of great essence in this era of information if one wants to market or sell contents of their website. However, creating the strategy might sound easy but contrary to the perspective towards building it, it is a technical job which might be posed by several logistical challenges. While developing such […]

Social media is a plethora of innovation and advantageous technology. Thousands upon thousands of applications lie at users’ fingertips, ready to be used to their full potential in communication and efficiency. Amid a myriad of social media applications, Facebook and Instagram stand out as two of the most established, and can be distinguished by their […]

The Royal Financial institution of Canada seasoned some fundamental managerial mistakes in May well 2003. It was noted as a major “glitch” that had been caused by erroneous configuration for the duration of the set up system. A simple difficulty experienced seriously impacted the lives of thousands and thousands of people. In this essay I […]

Working with the network as a medium, borrowing chat instruments and so on to chat with every other, folks comprehend each individual other and drop in adore. In genuine life, there are abounds, successes and failures. Additional and far more people that acquiring outstanding engineering techniques commence accomplishing on the internet relationship, matching up the […]

Technologies is reworking every single sector in the modern day planet. The oldest job, prostitution, has not been still left guiding. Scientific studies in the discipline demonstrate that the industrial sex sector is adopting a new model formed by the web. In the present environment, the road-walkers have shifted their pursuits to the information highway. […]

The research of techniques to have ensured conversation although a 3rd occasion is eavesdropping is what we call Cryptography or Crypto for small. It is essentially, producing and researching processes that protect against other folks from examining the private concept that was despatched. As we can see, it has a large possible to be used […]

Offering to Millennials Millenials have a name of getting lazy, narcissistic, and above delicate. Irrespective of hearing constant criticism about my generation, I am happy to be a Millenial. The time period “millenial” is  not the equal to being uneducated and carless- it is the reverse. We are the most innovative generation. Millennials obstacle conference […]

Introduction When one particular who life in America needs one thing censored they phone or file a complaint to the Federal Communications Fee. This is a federal government agency found in Washington D.C. Now there are blended views about this companies motives when it arrives to Web Neutrality. Internet Neutrality is described as the thought, […]

Internet neutrality is the principle that Online company companies treat all knowledge on the Online equally, and not discriminate or demand in a different way by consumer, content, site, platform, application, type of hooked up devices, or method of communication [1]. The guidelines, enacted by the administration of President Barack Obama in 2015, prohibited web […]

The FCC derives its authority from the Federal Communications Act, and the law does not say just about anything about the ability to explain to world wide web providers how they can or just cannot distribute articles. If there is genuinely going to be a net-neutrality mandate, it would have to arrive from Congress. Net […]

It is tricky to overestimate how substantially broadband changed the net. Again when men and women had to join to the online working with dial-up, information traveled slowly, pages took eternally to load and seeing YouTube films, for occasion, would have been difficult. Today’s online has been radically adjusted into a totally diverse creature. Nevertheless, […]

In the modern day globe of technological progression, internet neutrality has been a principal subject matter of discussion for the United States Senate for an extended time period. Net neutrality is the non-discriminatory world-wide-web transmission, exactly where world-wide-web assistance suppliers address all web knowledge as the same to make it possible for persons to run […]

In accordance to the American Library Affiliation internet neutrality is outlined as the basic principle that Online Service Vendors (ISPs) should really allow obtain to all written content and purposes regardless of the supply, and with no favoring or blocking unique merchandise or sites. So, with this theory World-wide-web Assistance Suppliers can not restrict, impair […]

Do you use social media? There are several causes we use social media. Some persons use social media to continue to be link with some others, discover new issues on the internet and make business while some just sign up for for pleasurable. We all know that utilizing social media brings a good deal of […]

Due to the fact the creation of the online, the amount of devices related to the world wide web has been growing rapidly. As of 2016 it is approximated that around 3 billion (about half of the world’s populace) is linked to the website. As the web grows, gradually differing views and concerns get started […]

The web was created to functionality as a network for a stream of info. After all the decades because its creation, it has created and evolved greatly into these types of a highly effective software that a bulk of us these days, are working with it on a daily foundation. Just one of the greatest […]

The web has turn into aspect of our each day lives. The net has enhanced the way people are living and facilitate the every day actions that folks do. Some of the online gives providers incorporate social networking, email messages, twitter, fb and quite a few other social media platforms. the use of social media […]

Title: Inadequacy of Cyber Regulations in India Inadequacy of Cyber-Legal guidelines in India*   Introduction: A incredibly very simple comprehending of the term “Cyber Law” is that it is the legislation governing Cyber Room. Cyber area is a quite wide expression and involves pcs, networks, program, details storage gadgets (these as tricky disks, USB disks […]

Social media features all online mediums that empower input, interaction, content sharing for a substantial range of people today above a large place. It features all purposes or web site that a person can textual content, enjoy and share videos, get information and other facts, invest in and promote merchandise amid other functionalities at the […]

In this penned post titled Is Google Making Us Silly the writer Nicholas Carr states how the technological know-how has impacted the life of quite a few individuals generating us to turn into lazy. It is so considerably less complicated to soar on google and locate what you need to have. Nicholas Carr has really […]

HTML5 HTML 5 is the latest iteration of HTML, the simple language of the Net. HTML 5 will replace both of those latest variations, HTML 4. 01 and XHTML 1. and DOM Stage 2 HTML     Before discussing HTML 5, you should be familiar with the basics of how to publish HTML code. HTML is extremely straightforward […]

How Amazon utilizes E-Business and E-Commerce for B2B and B2C Amazon potential customers America world-wide-web expert services into expose business enterprise of today’s technology earth. e-company and e-commerce focuses enterprises ran on the World wide web, though making use of Online technologies to make improvements to the productivity or profitability of a business. To best […]

The 21stCentury is characterized by the weighty impression technology has on us as a culture while it continues to create new gadgets and modernize know-how.Tens of millions of people all over the environment are now linked digitally in other phrases, people globally depend greatly on smartphones tablets and/ or personal computers that retailer or save […]

Human Resource Strategy   Google’s Human Resource Strategy Google, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Google, Inc., a technology company, builds products and provides services to organize the information, including Google Search which provides information online. Google is a worldwide modern technology leader concentrated on enhancing the ways individuals […]

We are in the center of a privateness disaster regarding our on the net data, we may possibly feel our data is harmless on line but is it? Privacy is anything we all need and are worthy of and the chance that some of our info could be obtaining into the incorrect hands is alarming […]

A environment with out the world-wide-web is a planet that would seem difficult to imagine, just as a planet without facts is not possible to comprehend. Fb is to interaction as Tesla is to energy, paving the way to the long run with video game-switching know-how, dictating the way people reside life. Sharing a life […]

Have you at any time wondered, How a great deal of my world wide web activity is getting monitored, and by who? The reply is all of the time by numerous distinctive groups, weather it be retail providers accessing your search outcomes to greater publicize merchandise to you, or governing administration businesses tapping in to […]

Staff Privateness Legal rights Study Proposal Richard Lee Columbia Southern University Introduction Are employees’ legal rights violated when businesses keep track of their World-wide-web and e-mail utilization? In regards to information and facts and telecommunications, there are some limitations to employee’s legal rights to privacy in the operate spot. They incorporate, web-sites frequented by the […]

 E-COMMERCE Assignment set 1 1 a. eBay is the World’s Online Marketplace A®, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis. With a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses, eBay offers an online platform where millions of items are traded each day. Mention and explain the various opportunities offered by ecommerce […]

Social media usage by students has a short while ago improved because of effortless access to products such as wise phones, tablets and laptops which are connected to the world-wide-web. It is perceived that college grades will undergo when paying out too considerably time on social web pages these as Fb. Social media is an […]

Cell Phones are staying regularly up-to-date and upgraded all through the past several a long time. Mobile telephones have come to be in a excellent use for human beings, men and women use it to get hold of anyone they essential to at any time creating them sense nearer, test on what they are good […]

Though some folks contemplate it dangerous to meet men and women from the online,?several are leaning in the direction of on line dating and applications in hopes of getting their soulmate. Digital courting has conveniently turn out to be a additional hassle-free and accessible method for busy experts to uncover genuine appreciate. Electronic dating can […]

Soon after the digital citizenship write-up, I figured out that…don’t give your lifetime a lemon~ Do you know a spectacular point that these days we have around 2,095,006,005 online consumers about the environment? Do you discover that your friends’ eyes such as yours are glued to electronic devices this kind of as Ipads, Iphones, smartphones, […]

Program Hero is a self-described social understanding community for learners to access analyze assets and review teams. Its educator portal is a micropublishing platform for educators to distribute their educational methods. Course Hero collects review means like aged exams, course notes and review guides from people who upload. End users add files in buy to […]

The expression ‘net neutrality’ was 1st coined in a 2003 paper, reflecting a struggle that was just starting to brew (Finley). This expression acquired traction in the early 2000s when world-wide-web suppliers, other regarded as ISP’s, started out banning customers from creating their own digital private servers, setting up personalized Wi-Fi routers, and even blocking […]

Net Neutrality is a large challenge in community administration these days. The internet has turn out to be an integral portion of the existing tradition and economy. Globally, the internet provides everyone a very similar chance, regardless of no matter whether you are million dollar business or any individual beginning a business from scratch. But, […]

Because of the lots of positive aspects of a computer system, it has come to be an essential household merchandise. A laptop or computer operated by an individual with out any specific computer operator is termed as a private computer system (Personal computer). A Laptop can be a desktop or a laptop laptop and can […]

Although the advancement of know-how has??”for the most aspect??”changed fashionable modern society for the superior, it has also altered many facets of it for the worse. How? Crime. Of unique notice is identity theft, which has become appreciably extra rampant than it has at any time been owing to the introduction of the Net in […]

Achieving security in the cloud infrastructure Titlle-Stability for the cloud infrastructure & Dependable virtual details centre implementation Cloud computing is a term that describes the enhancement of quite a few present systems and ways to computing into a thing distinctive. “Clouds are a huge pool of quickly usable and available virtualized methods ( hardware, enhancement […]

A very simple tutorial to Netiquette – Web Ethics You may possibly imagine you know all about netiquette and all the procedures that are there to know, but right here is a straightforward manual to support you with the Web ethics and also email etiquette. * Don’t forget that in spite of there becoming passwords […]

Net is spine for information storage, access and transfer. According to some studies and IBM verified that facts transfer and info generation has elevated, in 2018 on your own 2.5 quintillion bytes of info is getting generated each day throughout numerous gadgets all linked by way of internet (Marr, 2018). So, taking into consideration this […]