The United States of America has always been a major port of immigration but over 11 million immigrants are entering in the United States illegally, which is creating a division amongst Americans. There’s a clear line that separates legal and illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants are individuals who were granted lawful permanent residence in all means. […]

Going back to history, America was built by immigrants coming to this country in hopes of the American dream. Today, immigration is the number one subject every media and politics talk about. Coming from a family that immigrated to America for a better future, I take it personal hearing a topic that brings so much […]

Many young immigrants have protested against the deportation of their families because they were born in the U.S with parents or guardians that weren’t. Deporting the parents of immigrants not only has an effect on the children, but the government, the economy, and the society of the world as well. What our current president is […]

How to Improve your Life Essay

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Ever since I was 5 I can remember the times my mom and dad would argue everyday, it got to a point too extreme that my mom decided to leave him. My father was never really someone who was included in most of my life unlike my mom. Living without a father meant my mother […]