There are several strategies that the children use to manage conflict. Some of these strategies according to (Joshi, 2006) include but not limited to Submission, Compromise, Conventional, Standoff, Third party intervention, Aggression, Assertion, Discussion and Withdrawal. (Joshi, 2006). According to Joshi, submissions strategy occurs when the child, who is the target individual in the conflict […]

Whilst reading the Iliad you’re naturally inclined to follow the plight of the great Greek hero Achilles as he tears through Trojans and further advances his powerful reputation. Half god, he invites the favor of many powerful beings on his pursuit to win both the war and glory for himself. The reader is engaged by […]

“An educated citizenry will advantage from applying the two inventive wondering and significant considering in solving the issues of our culture. ” The definition of an informed citizen is having enough and sufficiently trusted facts or information to be in a position to fully grasp a topic or problem and make correct judgments or choices […]

Improving Medication Concordance in Mental Health- A Review of the Literature Where a man is against his will, that to him is a prison. Epictetus Abstract There has been much discussion on why concordance with antipsychotic medication and treatment appears to differ from other fields of medicine. Does the literature support this contention? This review […]

Andragogy and Self Directed Studying March 10, 2008 Adult Instruction and Learning: Principles and Observe Andragogy and Self-Directed Studying: Pillars of Adult Understanding Theory Candy’s created statement (1991, p. 309) which reads “since a learner’s autonomy is probably to differ from circumstance to problem, educators should really not presume that simply because a particular person […]