President Donald Trump has been in office for a year and 10 months, which for some people its been enough. It is time for Congress to introduce an impeachment inspection on President Trump for obstruction of justice. Impeachment was designed to remove any executive branch officials that have over used their power to commit a […]

Going back to history, America was built by immigrants coming to this country in hopes of the American dream. Today, immigration is the number one subject every media and politics talk about. Coming from a family that immigrated to America for a better future, I take it personal hearing a topic that brings so much […]

People rely upon author to report obvious news and to make political concentrations in aiding the American local in making their decision when it comes time to project a polling form. Since American’s don’t have space plan insightful to research each side to all of the records that have been circulated, they depend on the […]

“Is America exceptional?” The concept of American exceptionalism has divergent views which are constructed by American and foreign historians, alike. What makes America unique from other countries? What makes us, as Americans, precedent from other people in the world? Through the years, Americans have adapted well to the existence of the radical changes throughout the […]

As President Donald Trump enters the House of Chamber for the State of the Union Address, there are many issues that are going to be discussed by him, and the plans that he has for solving these issues. To begin, President Trump States that Democrats and Republicans must join forces and confront an urgent, national […]

At the end of World War II, the United States emerged as the dominant economic, political, and technological power of the world. Since then, the United States’ has sustained an almost unrivaled hegemon, and overseen the establishment of a new world political economic order centered around a democratic capitalist society. The postwar institutions it helped […]

When things go downhill, we as humans tend to find a reason for it or blame something for it and this is true when it comes to more important subjects like the economy. During presidential elections, constant bashing of free trade led people to blame it as the cause for unemployment and a poor economy. […]

Have you ever wondered if building a wall is a correct way to control illegal immigration and drug trafficking? Just because President Trump of the United States thinks that it is doesn’t mean that it actually is one. In fact, he might have overlooked some facts when he first proposed this outrageous, dangerous, and preposterous […]

 The border wall with Mexico is a hot topic since 2014 and especially in 2016. Our president Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the Mexico and United States border. This border wall came up in late 2014, from governors. It is a huge wall where Republicans are hoping if they build it, they […]

 Honestly in opinion my purpose today isn’t to offer one on the border wall, but to summarize arguments that have been made for and against the project. Beginning with the history of which started in 1924 when Congress created the U.S. Border Patrol. It wasn’t until the late 70’s that illegal immigration increased which then […]

There have many controversial talks about the Mexican- United state border after the running of president Trump main campaign to build a wall. The United States’ southern border with Mexico is 1,933 miles long, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the tip of South Texas. Due to the rise of undocumented immigration, there’s been many […]

Trump’s Border Wall Donald Trump’s presidency has many controversies surrounding it. Many of which stem from his want to build a wall between the United States and Mexico border. From his campaign trail, he promised a wall to keep immigrants out and has continued his stance on the matter. This has led to many issues […]

Illegal immigration from Mexico into the United States has long been a problem that local, State and Federal governments have had to handle. In the United States, there were 12 million Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. in 2016. “Approximately 45% of them were living in the country illegally.” (4) However, since 2007, the number […]

“Fahrenheit 11/9” is an eye-opening documentary concerning the 2016 presidential election and the first 18 months of Donald Trump’s presidency. Michael Moore blended irreverence with political statements, using comedy as a tool to change the hearts and minds of his viewers. This movies intention wasn’t to get Trump supporters to recognize they were duped, but […]

Abstract The present text explores various pivotal factors during the 2016 presidential campaign that ultimately led to the election of Donald J. Trump. The paper discusses factors such as communication techniques, anti-establishment sentiments, the rust belt, voter turnout, the authenticity of the election process, scandals, candidate’s health, and the influence of preceding president’s policies. Though […]

The 2016 United States presidential election was defined by changes in modern news and social media, politics, and cybersecurity issues, causing the election to be extremely divisive and controversial. (Kurtzleben) When campaigning began in 2015, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were the most prominent candidates. Clinton and Bush were both political insiders with a family […]

Health Policy Brief on HR 465 Prescription Drug Price Relief Act of 2019 Introduction In recent times, the cost of prescription medications and therapies has emerged as one of the top legislative agenda for lawmakers across the divide (Johnson, 2019). The issue of prescription drugs has even caught the attention of President Trump, who has […]

Christianity in politics can be very tricky. It can make people vote one way or the other. If you put two candidates together, who have opposing thoughts, they will ultimately bring politics into their thoughts pulling on people’s religious strings. In the 2016 election, the candidates were basically put on a chopping block for the […]

The famous novelist, George Orwell, once said, “[Political] prose consist less and less of words chosen for the sake their meaning, and more and more of phrases tacked together like the sections of a prefabricated hen-house.” Now, what exactly does this mean? Orwell was trying to point out how politicians are twisted– or more so, […]

Money and politics are two words that are hard to separate. Money has ruled the political scene in the United States for years, and there is no sign of that changing or slowing down. In 1895 Senator Mark Hanna was quoted saying “There are two things that are important in politics. The first is money, […]

For this essay I decide to choose the Yemen Resolution as my piece of legislation to write about since it has caused such a huge debate within Washington D.C and throughout the nation. The official name for this piece of legislation is the S. J. RES. 54 which is a joint resolution for the removal […]

As of now, there are 18 Democrats running for the primaries in the 2020 election. Furthermore, Bill Weld has announced that he will challenge Trump in 2020. Although it’s early, it appears that the big candidates for the election are Donald Trump for the Republicans and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats. Both Trump and Sanders […]

Donald Trump’s announced to the public in June 16, 2016 that he will run for 2016 presidential election. One of Donald Trump’s biggest platform is focused towards the immigration policy and the illegal immigrants. He promises the people that if he wins the presidential election he would “Make America Great Again” by reinforcing a better […]

Along with a changing society comes changes in communication. The age of television is segueing to the age of social media with the rise of platforms such as Twitter. No longer are the thoughts and ideas conveyed being guided, regulated or fact-checked by any overseeing organization or body, and nor is there any delay between […]

The Effect of Women’s Self-Esteem on Voting for Donald Trump Introduction: It is hard to get people to tell the truth about their political beliefs, especially if they hold the fear of being judged. I have noticed both on and off William & Mary campus that people, women especially, are hesitant to say they voted […]

Political parties are a major part of American politics. These parties consist of a group of people who share the same views and seek to control the government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office. They also have a significant influence on America’s moral beliefs and choices. Every day you hear […]

Introduction In the April 6, 2018 New York Times article, Madeleine Albright criticizes President Trump by claiming his entire presidency is nothing more than mere fodder for fascists that seek the opportunity to have their backwards views and despicable actions excused by none other than our own leader. Using the American President’s ill-received words to […]

Since 2016’s electoral campaign, Donald Trump has proclaimed his plan of reducing taxes for both individuals and businesses. According to, the new tax reform would Increases the standard deduction to $12,000 for single filers, $18,000 for heads of household, and $24,000 for joint filers in 2018 (compared to $6,500, $9,550, and $13,000 respectively under […]

My team will be reporting on the trade war between Trump and China with the impact of tariffs and the new beginning of a cold war. I will be covering the impact of the tariff’s and how they will greatly impact China’s economy, people and its power in the market world negatively because the United […]

Comparative advantage is the capacity to produce a product in a minimum opportunity cost than other producer using available resources. The law of comparative advantages defines that a free trade where a fewer good for which they have a comparative advantage. Whereas, absolute advantage is the ability of the individual to produce more goods or […]

How Did Trump’s Presidency Spark the Women’s March? On Donald Trump’s first official day in presidential office, hundreds of thousands of raged Americans crowded the streets of the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington. This colossal movement was directed towards the Trump Administration and the threat it characterized to civil, human and reproductive […]

In the last paper submitted for this class, various aspects of data security were discussed. The increased probability of cyber-attack and cyber-warfare, the history of data security at the governmental level and what events precipitated data security to be taken more seriously in the first place, and, perhaps most importantly, the importance of a position […]

When it comes to lowering corporate taxes, the argument is that if large corporations are able to make more profits, they will be able to expand, therefore provide more jobs, raise wages. It is said that they will put the surplus back into their business. The problem with this clear enough. Neoclassism says it is […]

November 8, 2016. The most significant change to American life in the past 141 years is hard to pinpoint. My opinion is that the 2016 election was a very significant change to American life based on the momentous and consequential changes in our country that have followed the election of Donald Trump. During the past […]

The 2016 presidential election created a shockwave around the world. President elect Donald J. Trump creating new friends with other world powers and forming unhealthy relationships with the United States then allies. It was unclear at the time what would become in the years to follow. With the northern and southern borders of the United […]

Although many were shocked when current President Donald Trump announced his initial running for presidency, and the nation was astonished by his winning of the race, what took more people by surprise was his first plan of action: building a wall between the U.S. and Mexican border. This oath has turned into the main argument […]

It was a situation when the US supreme court including presentational decree that was marked by President Donald Trump. He confined the movements in the United States by the general population from a few countries and asylums without legitimate travel reports. Hawaii and alternate expresses that had a similar test of the Proclamation. On the […]

I have chosen to analyze Donald Trump through the lens of realism. Realism’s use in international relations is fairly new. The basic ideas of realism can be traced back to classical texts such as Thucydide’s History of the Peloponnesian War. Realism essentially says that people are afraid and try to self-preserve by obtaining power. Within […]

On January 20, 2017, president-elect Donald Trump will be sworn into the highest office in the land regardless of the amount of preparation the country or even he himself has. There has been a variety of feelings Republicans have felt towards the president elect, but for Democrats, they are disappointed and angry. One of the […]

In the United States, Donald Trump assumed the office with a vision of changing the current Washington, and “Making America Great Again.” Clearly, Trump took office with a different style of leadership from Obama. His platform discussed fairer trade agreements, less external interference, and sturdier borders. In addition, he viewed globalization as a system that […]

In 2016, during the Presidential Election, the political Blue Wall was breached in the Great Lakes, granting Trump a series of critical, razor-thin victories in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It was in the Great Lakes that Trump saw just enough of an increase in support to break the Blue Wall. Turnout increased statewide in Pennsylvania, […]

This paper explores the way that the media influenced the 2016 presidential election. More specifically the way news sources reported on Trump’s jarring and obscene language, easily digestible for click-bait audiences instead of policy positions. This paper will identify how reporters focused on Donald Trump’s tailored comments that were purposely meant to attract media attention. […]

Streets are being flooded by masses of signs that read we care and stop the hate that are being held up high by children, adults, men, and women of all races. These are citizens that stand chanting by one another pleading for the U.S. to step away from the ignorance that the country has fallen […]

And so it began, on November 21, 2016, Trump introduced a “putting America first”, campaign saying he would proceed with “fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto American shores.” Three days after becoming being sworn in as president, Donald Trump kept his word and withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership saying that […]

Summary of Granta article The news of Russian Prime minister Vladimir Putin giving out information about the absence of his soldiers in Ukraine introduces this article. Although the Russian soldiers were openly seen in Russia, the Prime Minister denials the truth honestly. Also, Donald Trump, current president of United States testifies to the Muslim community […]

In 2016 the presidential election was an important time. It was heading to be the subsequent phase in our long term. Donald Trump the republican get together, and Hillary Clinton the democratic celebration were racing jointly to battle for the title of President. On January 12, 2017 Donald Trump grew to become the new President […]

The ADL defines Racism as the belief that a specific race is outstanding or inferior to a different, that a person’s social and ethical attributes are predetermined by his or her inborn biological properties. Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time dependent on racism, that diverse races should stay segregated and aside from […]

President Donald Trump has promised to construct a wall together the borders. But no issue how big or vast this mighty wall he has been wanting to build is, there will be issues that observe. Numerous undocumented staff and Narcotics could possibly uncover their way throughout any border barrier while the border patrol finishes up […]

He went from businessman to modern day-working day Hitler. Trump has a lot of corruptions, fraud, obstruction of justice, and broken marketing campaign promises. Trump, for case in point, has a conflict of curiosity in his enterprise types and institutions are experiencing scrutiny from users of Congress due to the fact of his Professional Russian […]

INTRODUCTION I. Achieve Focus: What tends to make The us great? Is it our beliefs of freedom, equality, and self-government? Is it our quick-evolving know-how or navy? Or is it in the foundational rules we teach our young children in college and at residence? Our values, beliefs, or cultural range and the openly encouraged concepts […]

As we all know, US has an in particular shut partnership with Saudi Arabia and we believe in the Saudi Administrations appreciably for any sort of reinforcements. Saudi Arabia has drastically supported the U.S. nationwide stability guidelines and has inclined great army aid. Saudi Arabia has also provided us a sizeable total of balance in […]

Need to Us citizens have to shell out for well being insurance coverage? If you are a young grownup in today’s day and age the very first thought that would appear to head would be to say yes. By declaring indeed you are standing for the Cost-effective Treatment Act aka, Obamacare which involves a requirement […]

Machiavelli was the merchandise of tempestuous and dangerous instances, individually encountering the complexities and ruthlessness seemingly critical when he dominated Florence. In line with Machiavelli, the great way to rule a principality is by any suggests important the ruler really should be capable to oversee complete moral procedures with no consequence. The ruler is also […]

The New York Occasions headline handles the story on the modern resignation from place of work of the Secretary of Protection, Mr. Jim Mattis, as a way of protesting Trump’s administration. The headline utilised by The New York Times was effective in summarizing the tale in a generalized phrase. The creator, Helene Cooper, grabs the […]

With nominating so many individuals who are anti-LGBTQ, he can not perhaps count on no one to notice that his promise of guarding the local community isn’t staying stored (though most did not anticipate much from this promise to start with). In some methods, Bolsonaro appears to be extra truthful about his views on homosexual […]

Faux information has proven clips to make Donald Trump glance like an terrible president but in reality, he has accomplished some terrific things for the duration of his presidency. Donald Trump is getting to be a wonderful president for the reason that of his accomplishment all through his presidency, by assisting the financial system, to […]

To what extent did cultural, political, demographic, socioeconomic, and historic factors concerning Mexican immigration affect voter turnout and outcome of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election? INTRODUCTION The U.S. Presidential Election of 2016 was perhaps one of the most complex and polarizing elections in U.S. History. Political ideologies between Americans were strained to the extent that […]

Over the many years, Donald Trump has absolutely demonstrated himself to be distinctive. Ever given that the commencing of his presidential marketing campaign, he has created many controversial reviews to the public, supported by his impulsive vocabulary. A lot of take into account it to be irrational, though others find it to be somewhat daring. […]

Wildly unpopular, President Trump went from Hollywood feeling and company tycoon to the 45th president of the United States of The united states. Although numerous would discussion his crass mother nature, it is tricky to deny the multitude of achievements he has realized in the earlier two years. One of the biggest achievements under the […]

In each election, every single nominee for the duration of his or her marketing campaign lays out their beliefs and makes promises they try to keep even though in business office. These guarantees can variety from international trade to cleaning up the neighborhood park. No make a difference the significance of the promises the elected […]

In gentle of the Cohen plea offer and the Manafort conviction, President Trump is in a precarious spot. Or is he? Far better however, is Trump closer to getting impeached or are we just greedy at straws? Michael Cohen, Trump’s former individual legal professional, and Paul Manafort, Trump’s previous marketing campaign chairman, have built headlines […]

George Washington, the first president of the United States, and Donald Trump, the most the latest president of the United States, have some similarities and distinctions. They each show the features of a leader by their features and their actions. These traits include things like authoritative traits, their use of procedures and ways, and their […]

President and Trump and his administration are with no a doubt 1 of the most controversial to have at any time been main our region, no issue which get together anyone is supportive of. The concepts and views of both equally Trump and his cabinet have, in numerous situations, been observed as significantly less favorable […]

Through the 2016 US Presidential Campaign, candidate Donald Trump divided himself from the pack of Republican candidates by championing a additional isolationist international plan. Although far more establishment Republican candidates like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush advocated for more hawkish overseas coverage positions with better US exercise all over the globe, Trump wished to pull […]

The entrepreneur performs an crucial purpose in the enhancement of economic presently, in modern 21st century, the place the aggressive marketplace is so tricky. They are highlighted as the individual making the opportunity will become the earnings, who starts the very own business enterprise and be their have boss (Stephen, 2007). People devote millions in […]

One particular of Trump’s central campaign claims was to lower the price of immigration as his way of advertising and marketing America’s stability and secure work for its citizen. True to his pledge, Trump administration has manufactured a significant work both equally through government orders and rhetoric to slash down on the number of immigrants […]

In 2016, Donald J. Trump won the presidential election which no a single could have predicted that he would earn. The polls have been completely wrong as Hillary Clintons level retained a affordable direct up until election night. Trump won the race with 306 electoral votes and in order to turn out to be president […]

When president Donald Trump won the election in 2016 it stirred up fairly the ruckus around the globe not just in the United States. It is specified that additional and much more racism, police brutality, violence, and discrimination has risen due to the fact his election. There are several things as to why men and […]

Introduction This research project will show how Twitter, and the rise of technology shaped the past political election of 2016 more than any other campaign tactic to date. The purpose of the study is to show how Donald Trump succeeded in the 2016 campaign, and the study will show the three ways he did it. […]

Donald John Trump, recent President of the United States, is concurrently a know-it-all and a know-absolutely nothing. He promises to have the highest IQ, but his words and phrases and actions verify the exact reverse. Performing and talking on impulse, Trump has produced outrageous allegations, fired off particular insults, and vocalized unapologetic sexism. He is […]

Today when we listen to the expression politics or a politician what will come into our intellect is favoritism, back again-stabbing, self-promotion, and self-desire at its worst. However, politics will constantly be section of us in life equally nationally and in our companies where by we likely work in, therefore, if we go on keeping […]

In today’s planet, Trump’s deal with is plastered all around world wide news for his questionable sights and inflammatory remarks. From his past statements, no matter whether they were being sexist or racist, to his much-correct sights, many have deemed Trump to be a really controversial and polarizing chief, which can be extremely problematic. Trump’s […]

People in america have relished approximately a century of foremost the liberal planet purchase and benefiting from it. The publish-war period has been dominated by The usa guiding the democratic planet, with president just after president owning comparatively related suggestions of America’s role in the world. The 2016 election place an finish to that. We […]

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He’s at it yet again, that man or woman we’re supposed to refer to as our President. He’s not a extremely fantastic just one at all. Today i have realized that he vows to lower help to Central American nations about migrant caravan, Trump has claimed he will be cutting off or lowering support to […]

March For Our Life was founded in a dwelling room and by youngsters coping with the trauma of a mass shooting. They established a movement to pretty much fight for young people’s lives by bringing them with each other and preaching the significance of voting. Following dealing with tragedy, most persons acquire their grief and […]