Abstract Through the 18th century, a significant range of situations took area in the globe. one particular such major event was the industrial revolution which took place in England and unfold to other nations around the world. East India company came to India for investing purposes. Enhanced requires for raw supplies arising out of industrial […]

From its origin as a smaller London enterprise, the East India Enterprise emerged in 1600 as a powerful commercial and political organization recognized by the English businessmen. Its early presence in India shaped the Gulf area and formally brought western men and women into Asia’s early fashionable landscape. All through the interval of 1700 to […]

Chapter 1 Introduction The Chinese of South China came to Malaya in the great numbers. Today, they comprise about the Hokkien dialect, and they quickly established their clan houses or kongsi, in Georgetown. These kongsi are actually clan temples for ancestor worship. They are set like jewels in courtyards, guarded by great stone lions. However, […]