The Electoral College was founded as one of the four major compromises within the United States Constitution, founded in 1787. The founding fathers were at an impasse on the decision of who ultimately obtained the power of choosing the president- the citizens or the leaders in Congress? At the time, the creators of the Constitution […]

Due to the results of the most recent United States presidential election, controversy has been raised regarding the Electoral College. The Electoral College has performed as intended for more than 230 years, over fifty elections, and also allows for consistency of the country by dealing out popular support in order to elect a president. Many […]

The Electoral College was made for two reasons, the main explanation behind existing was to make a safeguard among people and the assurance of a President. The second, as a part of the structure of the administration that gave extra control to the littler states. The essential reason that the originators made the Electoral College […]

The Electoral College was made for two reasons, the main explanation behind existing was to make a safeguard among people and the assurance of a President. The structure of the government was the second reason, that gave extra control to the littler states. The essential reason that the originators made the Electoral College is hard […]

The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy, tweeted none other than Donald J. Trump on November 6th, 2012. Six years later, this disaster of a system helped him win the presidency. The following months saw recounts, protests, and anger, as many Americans, especially Democrats, were upset and incredulous that Trump became president, despite […]

A democracy is a government run by the people. Each citizen has a say or vote in how the government is run. This is different from a monarchy or dictatorship where as one person, like a king or a dictator have all the power. There are two main types of democracies, direct and representative. A […]

In the article Democracy or Republic by Jay Cost, the author makes the argument that it is vital for every state to have an equal amount of votes, not taking into account the population of these states. Mr. Cost argues that this is important so that the less populated states arent overshadowed by the larger […]

The Electoral College is a medium established by the founding fathers between the United States Congress and the people in order to agree on a new president. It replaced direct ballots in order to prevent a tyrant. The process involves five hundred thirty eight electors, which consist of two senators for each state and one […]

Presidency can be defined as the position of being president, or the length of time during which someone is president (Cambridge Dictionary, 1). The president of the United States is someone who can be viewed as having significant power over the people and ultimately the country. Presidential candidates start campaigning for office as early as […]

The Electoral College- Itr’s time to move forward With intentions of finding a solution, for establishing a federal government along with a central figure in office, the framers of the Constitution constructed the Electoral College. The College was created to simplify the method for electing a president every four years. The philosophy supporting the Electoral […]

The Electoral College system should not be continued to elect the President of the United States because it is outdated, un-American, and unstable. First, The Electoral College ignores the will of the people and is contrary to the intent of the Framers. Every citizen’s vote should count the same in America, but that is not […]

The Electoral College causes disappointment and rifts apart the United States because of the taxing electricity barrier we have in our latest authorities. Saying that the Electoral College is an embarrassment to our kind of federal government is an understatement. It brings about the citizens sights of how Americar’s democracy has grow to be unbalanced […]

Visualize a school experienced to vote for their favored online video activity. If vast majority of the college votes a particular match then they get to continue to keep that activity, but each and every class has various variety of people so even bigger classes depend in a different way than the lesser kinds. Hence, […]

The Electoral College undermines democracy. Votes are the voice of the men and women and really should be read straight from them not from electors who get to decide on for the people today. The Electoral School is a holdover from the Founding Fathers that need to be abolished due to the fact it undergoes […]

The Electoral College or university has been about considering the fact that the starting of the country. This procedure is used to ascertain in a Presidential election yr who has won the most electoral votes from all of the states and will get to grow to be President. Around the previous handful of decades, various […]

To understand how the Electoral College operates, we will start out with a minimal bit of qualifications on how the Electoral Faculty was preferred to be the formal process to decide on the president and Vice President of the U.S. The Electoral University started off on the 1804, it all started off when the Constitutional […]

How the Electoral University Disenfranchises Voters The Electoral Faculty is embellished with honor, tradition, and esteem for staying the prized system for deciding on the president of the United States, still it stands for every thing that The usa is not. Americar’s prized slogan, all adult males are made equivalent, is wholly disregarded by the […]

Supposedly in a democracy everyone’s vote should depend equipollently, but the technique that the U.S. works by using to elect its president, the Electoral Faculty, infringed this basic principle by ascertaining that some people’s votes are greaters than others. The Election of these two officers, the president and vice president, is established by a team […]

What to do with the Electoral University The President of the United States is effectively known to be elected by the Electoral School and not straight by the individuals. Even so, some 21st century voters may be surprised to master that when they enter a setting to decide on their prospect for president, they really […]

At any time considering the fact that [the 2000 election] in which George Bush prevailed by a mere 5 electoral votes, even with getting rid of by one-fifty percent-million votes in the nationwide popular vote, therer’s been criticism about regardless of whether America really should hold or do away with the electoral higher education (Jahncke). […]

The Electoral University votes is counted by the congress and as nicely as winner-consider-all which presents more powerful mandate to govern for the winning candidate. The Electoral Higher education has the authority to go towards the well known vote in their condition, and I do not think that would be indicative of authentic Democracy. Itr’s […]

In a culture in which a sparse range of difficulties and troubles are faced in pertinence to the governing administration, what was once deemed to have served as a approach for the avoidance of things, this sort of as the election of Donald Trump, would seem to have extremely minor result in our globe these […]

The preamble to the Structure of the United States commences with the recognizable phrase, We the men and women, implying that the form of government laid out in the structure will be representative of the peopler’s will. The formation of the Electoral School in Post II, Portion 1, qualified prospects to the summary that this […]

Electoral College or university The enjoyment of voting commences to reduce when the real truth is demonstrated about the voting course of action. Voting is the foundation of The us and signifies one particular of the greatest items that The us has to give to people today who are now citizens or wanting to turn […]

Time for a alter: Electoral School The Electoral College was built and launched in a time when the United States was much extra decentralized than currently. When the Structure was published itr’s controversial that states had been additional potent than the central federal government. All through our background, amazing improve has occurred, which include the […]