Description Describe how the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act protects the health of children related to dietary pesticide exposure. Discuss at least two additional recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics in their policy statement to promote the health of children with respect to prevention of pesticide exposure and /or timely detection and treatment of […]

Description You may use this website to identify a species that can be used for this discussion: Choose an invasive, exotic organism that is found in Florida that was introduced through natural or artificial means. Plants and animals, land based, freshwater or marine organisms may be used and they must be a species that […]

Question Description I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Some might argue that international climate change agreements should permit developing countries to increase their greenhouse gas emissions as they industrialize and develop their economies. After all, wealthy developed countries like Canada didn’t have limits […]

Question Description I’m working on a environmental science multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. troduction: Climate change has been heavily studied and reported in the media. For this assignment please read the peer reviewed article provided and also pick one additional news article from the list provided discussing the […]

Description Original Description: Market-driven regulation: Are carbon pricing and disclosure of climate-related financial risk the solution? As you answer this question, you should: Contextualize this approach within the broader policy-making process. Identify the interests that are for and against this approach, and why they support or oppose it. Identify and explain the central idea(s) this […]

Question Description I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn. Select one of the following discussion topics: The Evolution of Meteorology – After doing some research on the history of meteorology, formulate a short essay summarizing a significant event in the timeline and how that event […]

Description What’s The Deal? Hello All, As we have now covered Climate and are now preparing to explore economics and policy from the perspective of the environment, we will first take a look at one of the more frank and succinct explanations of the climate issue, it’s potential consequences, and a broad framework for how […]

Description Choose TWO questions – one from each question set below – to answer. Place your chosen questions and the formulated answers* within a separate document that includes your name at the top. *Your answers will be scored on completeness, correctness, clarity, and conciseness, and the degree of synthesis and application of the related concepts, […]

Description By LadyofHats (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons Consider the image above depicting a terrestrial food web and a marine food web. In the Everglades, freshwater marsh, terrestrial and aquatic environments are interconnected. The complexity of this unique ecosystem can be analyzed by constructing a food web to trace the flow of energy […]

Description question that related to how the hurricanes aren’t linked to global warming myth  you will debunk a global warming or climate change myth. You will research the topic in depth and report on the quantitative, scientific evidenc. Research paper: At least 2 pages (but no more than 3), single-spaced, to include text, figures, and […]

Description Essay Questions: Using the definition of worldview provided by Mark Hathaway, how has your own “ecological worldview” changed, it at all, since you began this course. In your answer, refer to the work of two authors (including guest speakers or video voices) that have affected your own ecological worldview and why. Owing to your […]

Description Listen to Podcast View web links View PDFs of artificial reefs in Florida and identify some of the construction materials Podcast: Driving Deeper Shorts: Value of Coral Reefs(Links to an external site.) Website: Artificial Reef (Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.) What is an artificial reef?(Links to an external site.) Course […]

Description  PowerPoint: Provide a hazard/vulnerability analysis and mitigation options for Orange County, California. With a minimum of 20 slides (or more) not counting the introductory (title) first one and the last slide used for references.  Paint a picture of Orange County/community… *How is this community vulnerable?– *What is likely to be impacted? for […]

Description four separate reading summaries Meadows,D.2008.Chapters1and2.ThinkingInSystems:APrimer.ChelseaGreenPublishing. Read until the car sales example (“A systems with delays – Business Inventory”) Read to page 25 of the PDF. Williams, E. 2011. Environmental effects of information and communications technologies. Nature 479: 354?358. DOI: 10:1038/nature10682. Reller, A., Bublies, T., Staudinger, T., Oswald I., Meißner S., Allen, M. 2009. The […]

Description The purpose of this assignment is to select one major case in environmental justice/environmental ethics and report on it using a video introduction and narrated presentation of case. Background There have been many cases highlighting environmental justice throughout history. Specifically, events related to environmental justice examine not only the environmental issue at hand, but […]

Description Objectives: Introduce the concept of energy efficiency. Identify sustainable and non-sustainable practices in your home. Show that the solution to many environmental problems are within the reach of individuals and communities Introduction: This assignment is designed to help you reflect on the environmental practices in your home. For the audit, you will each select […]

Description hypothesis and conclusions  I have attached the worksheet with my answers. In the Data section of the Density Altitude Experiment Worksheet are three tables. Each table provides five different scenarios of sea level pressure, station pressure*, temperature, and dew point temperature for the given airport. Recall that the dew point temperature is a measure […]

Description Prepare a 13- to 18 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation examining how population trends lead to urbanization and animal decline. Suggested Presentation and Slide Format: Best practice involves: The entire presentation should include slides of the same or similar format and construction. Each slide should have a title Include a summary text or bullets and […]

Description Be sure to answer the following questions and provide citations for the definitions using the MLA style: 1) Define Sustainability and Sustainable Development. Please use valid resources such as government or educational sites and provide their definitions in your own words, do not copy and paste. 2) Compare and contrast the three components of […]

Description Implement your plan by practicing environmental stewardship at two levels. Based on all that you have learned about managing and caring for the resources we share in the environment, you will implement a plan to practice creation stewardship. Personal/Individual Level: Examples: Reduce, reuse, and recycle by composting at home. Develop a WaterSense. Install a […]

Description Hello everything you need to know about this assignment is already bellow this message. the pdf to fill out and also the graph page you can download is attached under as well. let me know if you need anything else thanks. Here is the Atmosphere lab for this week: Humidity Around the Clock.pdfMay not […]

Description Your submission should be at least 400 words long The KCET Video Shadow of Drought that came out recently touches on many of the things we covered in class and provides a good opportunity to reflect on what you learned and how it may affect your attitudes and behaviors in regards to California water. […]

Description Write a 750-1,000-word essay about water quality in your community that addresses the following points: Obtain a water quality report from your local municipality within the last two years and discuss what you found in the report? Phoenix, Arizona Identify a water quality issue happening in your community and where the pollution comes from? […]

Description Your assignment for this week has three parts. Refer to the lab manual for specific instructions:Visit (either in person or online [recommended]) any  big  grocery store such as Winn Dixie, Walmart, or Publix, and obtain the information necessary to answer the questions below. (Note: you don’t have to purchase anything, just record the information.)Assess […]

Description For the major paper, you will take on the role of an academic consultant hired to advise a high-level decision-maker from a corporation, industry association, government ministry, government agency or non-profit organization. Feel free to choose someone from the sector you focused on in the previous assignment. Your task is to brief them on […]

Description Outdoor Education Final Assignment Each student will be required to put together a trip plan for a party of 8 people. The reason for the groups size of eight is that many wilderness areas have restrictions of no more than eight people. Each of you will be required to pick a destination (State, park, […]

Description You need these 2 books to do this assignment, you can find them online or however you like. Book 1: Nadakavukaren, A. and Caravanos, N., Our Global Environment, 8th Edition, (2020). Waveland Press: Long Grove, IL. Book 2: Tarr, Joel A. The Search For the Ultimate Sink: Urban Pollution in Historical Perspective(2012). University of […]

Description Distinguishes between a ‘technological’ and a ‘man-made’ disaster and that examines the subtleties of both. There are clear differences between natural and technological disasters, but how do technological and man-made disasters differ, if at all? If one perhaps more dependent on happenstance and or error – is the other perhaps more deliberate and causal […]

Description 1. Which of the following cultivation practices would increase soil erosion on a sloping land? Question 1 options: Contour farming. Terracing. Conventional tillage. Conservation tillage. Strip cropping 2. The dominant mechanism of phosphorus losses from agricultural soils to waterways in the Canadian prairies is throughQuestion 2 options: soil erosion intensive rainfall dust storms snowmelt […]

Description Module 02 Assignment – Learning Disability Module 02 Assignment – Learning Disability Assignment Content In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, research the topic of learning disabilities of American children and address the following: When is a child’s communication considered delayed? Please include stages of development regarding communication with examples. […]

Description While watching the video and studying the Week 10 materials, answer the questions below. Short answers, one word or one sentence will suffice except questions 15 and 16 which should be a short paragraph. Number your answers but don’t copy the questions. Submit as a document using the link provided with the assignment in […]

Description For this science communication project, we will be examining Yale’s Global Warming’s Six Americas (Links to an external site.) project. Based on surveys, social scientists determined that there were six definable categories that the American public fit within in terms of their views of climate change. Part 1: You will be choosing one of […]

Description This assignment asks you to use the concepts and historical material from this course to compare and contrast the energy and environment policy proposals of two of the four major political parties (Conservatives, Liberals, NDP or Green). Our expectation is that you: Demonstrate that you have read and understood the primary source document (i.e. […]

Description Part 1 – The topic of Week 8 is California’s Pristine Waterscape before human interference. The assignment this week addresses how ongoing human activities are predicted to dramatically change part of California’s landscape. Read this article from the New York Times, March 7, 2018, “More of the Bay Area Could Be Underwater in 2100 […]

Question Description I’m working on a environmental science writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. After watching the video, answer the following questions.Make sure to put it in your own words, and check for proper spelling and grammar. Video link: Questions: 1. Where do plastic bottles begin their life’s journey? […]

Description While not a scientifically controversial issue, climate change caused primarily by human activities is a politically controversial issue. In this course you have learned the science behind climate change (both natural and human-caused). With this knowledge, you have been given the tools to help explain the causes, symptoms, and impacts of climate change which […]

Description Week 7 part 1 Week 7 part 1 This folder contains the assignments for part 1 of Week 7 of the semester. Complete the listed items below, which can be found within this folder. Chapter 21 Assignment Read through chapter 21, Water Pollution, taking notes on key concepts, terms and examples discussed within the […]

Description Regardless of the format, your final project must include information from all three articles in your topic folder(Attachment 1: Article summaries. It also includes articles link) as well as the results of your quantitative analysis(Attachment 2). It should be written or created in a way that is interesting and engaging to members of the […]

Description 1. Which of the following statements regarding nitrous oxide (N2O) is false? Question 1 options: Nitrous oxide reacts with ozone in the stratosphere; thus result in ozone layer depletion and more UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface. Agriculture is the primary source of nitrous oxide, worldwide. Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas; thus contribute […]

Description My last week discussion: The author in this article argues that the key determiners of climate change are the solar radiation, the sublimation and evaporation of the earth’s gases to the atmosphere and the hydrosphere, and possibly the microbial activities that consume and generate atmospheric gases at the interface of the atmosphere and […]

Description Instructions: Choose 5 of the below questions and answer all parts in an essay format. Each question is worth 10 points. You are welcome to use your class notes, The Story of More, Healing Earth, other scientific literature, other textbooks, the internet, etc. However, you are not allowedto discuss the questions or your answers […]

Description This is an ungraded assignment that will require you to look up a scientific journal article that examined the transmission of coronaviruses (SARS, MERS, or SARS COV-2) or bioaerosol transmission in indoor air using PubMed (Links to an external site.) or Web of Science (Links to an external site.). These search engines connect to […]

Description Explain how electricity works. In your explanation, be sure to include: potential and kinetic energy, work, atoms, electrons, turbines, electrical generators, and magnets. Also explain what a fossil fuel is. Explain how we obtain energy from the following non-renewable sources: Crude oil, Nuclear, Natural gas and Coal. For each energy source, mention how we […]

Every animal is a part of an intricate ecosystem that includes our lands and waters. Losing even one of those parts, causes severe damage to the ecosystem. It’s necessary to ensure the survival of these ecosystems because they provide clean water, breathable air, fertile soils, climate control, and energy. There are many organizations in place […]

North Carolina is home to many ecological problems, such as Pfiesteria, Urban Development, Waste Lagoons, Invasive Species, Dutch Elm Disease, Acid Rain, and Beach Erosion. All these issues are harmful to not only the environment, but to people as well. Humans have one big problem that leads to ecological issues, which is pollution. One of the […]

Indiana dunes is an example of ecological succession. More specifically primary succession where life starts out with nothing. First pioneer species improve the soil conditions allwing more plant species to thrive. As more soil gets created as plant matter decays, the soil quality allow more common plant speices located inland to thrive near the beaches. […]

A coastal zone is an interface between the land and sea. It is comprised of a continuum of coastal land, intertidal area, aquatic systems including the network of rivers and estuaries, islands, transitional and intertidal areas, salt marshes, wetlands, and beaches (Cicin-Sain and Knecht, 1998). The narrow transition areas that connect terrestrial and marine environments, […]

Coastal sand dunes are usual in many parts of the globe. They are formed when wind-blown sands are trapped and stabilized by the vegetation. They are natural structures which offer protection to the coastal environment from destructive forces of storm flood, strong wind and tsunamis. Activities by human have been seen adding more problems to […]

Did you know that only 20% of plastic gets recycled? People never think about where their trash will end up as they’re throwing it away; but they should start to. That other 80% of plastic that’s not getting recycled is ending up on beaches and in the ocean. According to Scholastic, “at least 5 million […]

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson is a 1962 environmental science book that follows Carson’s research on the environmental effects of the use of pesticides, focusing on pesticides that carried the chemical DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) that had been administered through aerial spraying, meant to diminish insect populations in 1950’s and early 1960’s. The book served Carson’s argument […]

Besides, environment education is one of the most effective ways in combat with the existing water pollution problems. According to Karata A. and Karata E.(2015), environmental education is the process of recognizing values and clarifying concepts in developing one’s attitudes to comprehend his or her interrelatedness between human beings and biophysical circumstances, that is, aim […]

Discuss about differences between non-renewable and renewable resources and give at least two examples for these resources. Non-renewable and renewable resources differentiate in the name itself. Renewable, meaning that it is a source you can use over and over. Non- renewable means you cannot, and these resources are very limited. Things like coal and oil […]

Water is essential for the survival of living organisms.On an average, a human being consumes about 2 litres of water every day. Water accounts for about 70% of the weight of a human body. About 80% of the earth’s surface (i.e. 80% of the total 50,000 million hectares in area) is covered by water. Out […]

The percentage of 2.3 shows the amount of water in which is viewed as safe to consume. There are many ways water gets polluted, people pollute water by decomposing hazardous substances Like chemicals, trash, oil, and its decaying the water supplies. There are different types of pollution and for example surface water pollution and groundwater […]

In developing countries, 70% of industrial wastes are thrown into the water, making it so that it is unsafe for life or drinking. My question is what is the relationship between water pollution and different sources of water? According to Britannica, water pollution is the release of substances into subsurface groundwater or into [different bodies […]

What types of sources lead to water pollution in Malaysia? Malaysia is in a new industrializing phase, and part of this revolution includes a rapid growth of population. With this, there is more water demand, and increased sources of pollutants that likely will trigger aquatic ecosystems. Because of the rapid urban sprawl Malaysia is encountering, […]

Water pollution is when any body of water is contaminated to the point that it harms living organisms or makes the water unsuitable for use. Out of the 70% of water that covers our Earth, only 2.5% of it is fresh water and sustainable for use. For the reason that only 2.5% of it is […]

Unsafe water kills more people each year than war and all other forms of violence. Water pollution has become a very big issue in countries all over the globe. Water is definitely the most valuable resource, but when it becomes contaminated, it is not only useless, but dangerous as well. Water pollution is defined as […]

POLLUTION AND GEOENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES INTRODUCTION Environmental geotechnology, sometimes referred to as geoenvironmental engineering is an interdisciplinary field that originated by blending environmental engineering and geotechnology (1). Environmental geotechnology encompasses soil science and atmospheric sciences thereby linking the biogeochemical cycles, lithosphere, hydrosphere and geomicrosphere (2). Currently the population has been escalating drastically thereby upsetting the biogeochemical […]

Phytoplankton From Wikipedia, the absolutely free encyclopedia Bounce to: navigation, lookup Diatoms are one particular of the most common varieties of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are the autotrophic component of the plankton neighborhood. The title comes from the Greek text ????? (phyton), that means “plant”, and ???????? (planktos), meaning “wanderer” or “drifter”. [1] Most phytoplankton are way […]

The last several decades people have invested on Earth will go away a mark past artifacts and historical past. We will go away a measurable footprint that tells a story of not only the disorders we lived in, but also the carelessness of our steps. Eric Sanderson, an affiliate director in the Landscape Ecology and […]

Unit 8 Essay Prompts Sorry guys that this is so late… I just had to go to slumber. Anyhow, this guidebook is to support inspire you about the essay prompts and provide a tiny information, you are going to have to do further exploration on your very own. Also, I’ll check out to convey up […]

Florida is a tourist hotspot known for its shorelines. However, Florida’s h2o are becoming contaminated by an algae bloom regarded as red tide. The algae is Karenia brevis, which is a species of dinoflagellates. Crimson Tide price tag Florida hundreds of thousands of dollars and is negatively impacting its coastal communities. Also, red tide is […]

This report will analyze and evaluate details and other resources as they relate to a major concern of society in which lots of men and women have come to know as “global warming” (or weather alter which is use moreso in news reports as a outcome of authorities and politics). In depth repoire will be […]

TO: Business Executive FROM: Victor Grigorov, The Environmentalist Day: Sep 11th, 2010 Subject matter: Lifeless ZONES Around THE World Useless zones have in a natural way been occurring on this world for a extremely extended time. However, they have in no way been occurring so quickly, and at this kind of unprecedented scales. So what […]

Introduction A study of the obtainable literature reveals just how detrimental air air pollution can be to the flora and fauna that inhabit the normal environment. The primary pollutants contain tropospheric ozone and carbon monoxide from auto exhaust, the burning of diesel gasoline in combustion engines and coal ash from electric energy vegetation that results […]

Introduction If one considers the most profound changes in the social and physical conditions attached to human existence, one would have to suggest that the land use dimensions, including the shift to sedentary agriculture, the Industrial Revolution and large-scale urbanisation, are the most significant. However, it is important to understand that land is more than […]