Therefore, in an equation form, working capital is: Working capital = current assets – current liabilities The quantity can be positive or negative, depending on the amount of debt the company is carrying. If a company has a lot of working capital, it will be more successful. Companies with negative working capital may be short […]

WINDOW DRESSING Window dressing is presenting company accounts in a manner which enhances the financial position of the company. It is a form of creative accounting involving the manipulation of figures to flatter the financial position of the business. It is also defined as: ‘A form of accounting, which while complying with all the regulations, nevertheless, gives a biased […]

One of the most important factors in decision making process is information from various sources. Financial Information play a vital role in the process of decision making and help management to make a perfect strategic business plan for the organization to achieve its goal. However, most financial informant comes from the financial statement of the […]

Ratio analysis isn’t just comparing different numbers from the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. It’s comparing the number against previous years, other companies, the industry, or even the economy in general. Ratios look at the relationships between individual values and relate them to how a company has performed in the past, and […]

As of our monthly review, we enclosed in our report based on our analysis of last report of 2009 with more details about our last valuation of our company GSK for making decision for investor purposes. In order to make a clear decision about what stocks to buy or to sell, investors need to know […]

Financial management is that managerial activity which is concerned with the planning and controlling of the company’s financial resources. The basis for financial planning, analysis and decision making is the financial information. Financial information is needed to predict compare and evaluate the company’s earning ability. It is also required to recognize in economic decision making […]

The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of a firm simply refers to how much, on average, it costs the firm to raise money. That is, it is the average rate that the firm must pay on any new capital that it raises. The importance of the WACC is in its relation to the evaluation […]

In the past thirty years, mergers and acquisitions of companies have seen a constant rise. Companies seem to feel that the fastest and the most effective way to rapidly expand is by acquiring other companies. Even in India, the merger and acquisition business deals amounted to $40 billion during the initial 2 months in the […]

Myer is a large department stores in Australia. Its parent company is NB Flinders PTY Ltd which is the Australian parent company of the Myer group of companies. There was an economic recession in 2007 until 2009 as a result of subprime crisis. As a consequence of this it had impact on Myer performance as […]

Sources of Finance Js and Co. must be very aware of the importance to use the appropriate sources of financing meeting the needs of your company. Sources of finance to business There are different sources of finance,namely : Short term finance- Trade credit Commercial banks -overdraft Fixed deposits for a period of 1 year or […]

INTRODUCTION: The given case deals with the Britannia Company; the report is divided into four parts, the first part deals with the investment decisions of the company, which I should take by calculating the Net Present Value (NPV). The next part of the report deals with the calculation of the future cash flows of the […]

1. Introduction Businesses have never been as globalised as they are today. Numerous corporations from developed, newly industrialised and developing countries operate on a global basis and need to create financial statements using the accounting practices of their home country, as well as those existing in their areas of operations. The divergence in accounting practices […]

The Fundamentals of Working Capital Management Working Capital refers to the company’s current or short-lived assets. This includes cash, marketable securities, notes receivable, account receivable, inventories and other current assets. Non-current assets are referred to as capital assets. These are long-term assets and are mostly depreciable in nature. In evaluating an investment in capital assets, […]

What are the four major types of firm in the U.S, how are they defined, and what are the key differences between them? In sole proprietorships, the business is owned by a single owner. In partnerships, business is owned and run by more than one owner. In a limited liability company, partners own the company […]

Different company have different objective, The WH Smith Company have different objective. This company main objective is to pick up his customer offer and grow the business by renewing existing contact and developing new formats and channels. WH Smith company business focusing things are travel sells a tailored range of Newspaper, Magazines, Books, and impulse […]

1) Should Reinaldo focus on cash flows or accounting profits in making the Capital-budgeting decisions? Should we be interested in incremental cash flows, incremental profits, total free cash flows, or total profits? Capital budgeting is the process by which the financial manager decides whether to invest in any asset or specific capital projects.It is the […]

In this century the uses of financial analytical tools such ratio analysis, trend analysis and common sized analysis is inevitable in any organization or company operations. So in order for the company to succeed it must effectively use financial analysis tool. This is because financial analytical tools help to know the health of the business, […]

The purpose of this report is to summarize and perform a comparison between the financial information of IMAX Corporation and its expanding competitor RealD Incorporated by examining the most recent financial statements. Please note that more emphasis was given to the 9 month period income statements as the 3 month periods may not portray a […]

Return on capital EmployedA (ROCE) is a financial measure that measures the performance of a company as to how it generates cash flow relative to the capital it has invested in its business. It is defined asA net operating profit less adjusted taxesA divided byA invested capitalA and is usually expressed as aA percentage. When the return on capital is greater […]

DeA LaA Rue Plc dates its origination way back to 1821 when its founder Thomas de la Rue started it as a stationer and printer on a small scale in the UK. Since then the company has diversified geographically and has spread its footprints across 24 countries today employing approximately 4000 people all over the world. De […]

1.0 Introduction This report shows our stock valuation on Proton that is listed on Bursa Malaysia, by using 2009 as the latest financial year. Fundamental analysis framework is being used. First, we start with the qualitative aspects of a company like Business Model, Competitive Advantages, Management, Financial and Information Transparency, Government’s Role, Customers, and finally […]

Sime Darby is a Malaysia-based multinational company that involved in 6 main sectors, namely, plantation, property, motors, industrial equipment, energy and ultilites and healthcare. The company have business in 20 countries and have more than 100,000 employees. The company is founded in year 1910 by two British businessmen, William Sime and Henry Darby. The Plantation […]

The chosen company for our shareholder value analysis is Carphone Warehouse Group Plc. The company has outstanding growth and has a dominant market position. It is the largest independent mobile retailer in Europe. After reviewing the latest Annual reports between 2000 – 2009, the model is used to calculate the shareholder value minus the estimate […]

3.1: Introduction In this chapter, the methodology being utilised to perform this study will be stated. This will guide to the theoretical framework, facts selection and the method of information evaluation. 3.2: Investigation layout College of Texas at Austin (2010) states that. “Research layout is a program outlining on how to gathered data for an […]

The sage report discusses the financial performance of the Sage Group as a whole for the financial year 2007. The group has a significant presence in 20 countries worldwide, providing services to 5.8m customers to help managing their businesses more efficiently and effectively through the provision of their products and quality services. Sage is one […]

1) Must Reinaldo aim on money flows or accounting earnings in building our cash-budgeting conclusions? Ought to we be fascinated in incremental cash flows, incremental earnings, whole no cost dollars flows, or total profits? When undertaking a new task an organisation ordinarily uses Capital Budgeting Strategies which gives a far better knowing of the end […]

The purpose of this report is for potential investors who are considering buying shares in Tesco plc. The report creates an overall picture of Tesco’s financial position and provides an assessment of Tesco’s performance over the last three years. The information used to assess the financial position of Tesco was gathered from the Annual report […]

Etisalat’s UAE unit remains the primary contributor to Etisalat’s overall value with a respective weight of 88.8%. The UAE’s growing expatriate population is driving, in particular, the mobile segment of Etisalat’s operation, which constitutes the bulk of Etisalat’s overall revenue. They forecast that Etisalat’s focus on mobile net subscriber acquisition should become secondary, as they […]

Regulating Inventory – An Evaluation of AASB 102 “Inventories” Inventories are in essence what organisations keep with an intention to promote, however right or indirectly. For most enterprises, this is how their earnings are produced, and it is acceptable to presume that these products account for substantially of an organisation’s pursuits. These types of a […]

Marriott Worldwide, Inc. is one of a top around the world hospitality enterprise with its heritage getting traced to a root beer stand opened in Washington, D.C., in 1927 by J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott. These days, Marriott Intercontinental has about 3,100 lodging properties found in the United States and 67 other countries and […]

Kamdar Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia since 1972, and has since achieved a dominant position in the garment and textile departmental store industry. The Kamdar brand stands for quality of service, history and value for money. Kamdar stores specialize in textile fabric, furnishing fabric, in-house designed garments for ladies, men and children’s clothes, Indian […]

As we can see that the maximum current ratio amid 2005-2009 is belong to year 2007 which is 1.23. Usually, the increased the existing ratio usually means the improved of the organization fiscal efficiency. But in year 2009, latest ratio lessen to 1.04. It does not look very well in the monetary overall performance of […]

The accountant retains all the owner’s personal transactions various from the transactions of hisA businessA of sole proprietorship. ForA legalA purposes, a sole proprietorship and its operator are regarded as to be one entity, but in accounting they are two different entities. Financial Unit Assumption: Any Economic action getting place is measured in U.S. bucks, and the types which […]

Conventionally the Bank performance is evaluated by analysis of the financial ratios. However, despite of quite a few number of ratios being calculated, a sculpt that completely convinces the analysis of requirements and bank operations’ efficiency evaluation is yet to be developed. Hence for these reason, the financial ratio analysis is balance with unlike eminence […]

1) What are the illustrations of functioning pursuits occured in a company? An accounting of cash relevant to the company’s operations, described on the income flow statement of a company’s yearly report. This figure is calculated by modifying web money to mirror depreciation costs, deferred taxes, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and any amazing goods. It […]

As an investor, it is generally improved to look at RNOA in a further method by placing even further relevance on the two parts which are margin and turnover. RNOA = Net Operating Earnings Just after Taxes / Typical Net Working Property Which can be re-created as: RNOA = (Web Functioning Financial gain Margin / […]

Morrison is a UK company that operates retail food stores in the UK ,,it is known to be the fourth largest food retailer by sales with the total turnover in excess of £17 billion the Morrison have the total number 475 stores across Britain with over 11 million customers and 131,00 employees. According to […]

The financial statements are prepared for the purpose of presenting a periodical review or report of the progress made by the concern. It shows the Aµstatus of the investment in the business and result achieved during the accounting period. “Financial Statements” refer to at least two statements which the accountant prepares at the end of […]

This dissertation focused on the explanatory factors for IPO’s performance. In the literature several models had been proposed to explain the factors for which investors required to have the knowledge of them. This study had several objectives among which to offered a theoretical comparison of the most renowned asset pricing models (specifically the CAPM & […]

Chapter 1 Introduction My dissertation is based on two important areas of financial management (i) investment decisions (ii) sources of business finance. Decision on both areas has got critical importance for the business. The importance of investment decision can be checked from these words” for long term survival of the company capital budgeting decisions are […]

The area in the finance of dealing with the decisions on monitory grounds is identified as corporate finance. Maximize shareholder value is the primary object of corporate finance. The decisions and techniques can be long term or short term. The long term decisions are pertaining to capital investment which consist with equity or debt financing […]

That is incorrect to retain the goodwill in the harmony sheet unchanged, as its price will lessen working day by working day. The products are marketed less and decrease selling price during the product life time. For instance, telephones are at higher rate at the beginning of the sell. Following new and improved telephones appear, […]

EasyJet is a low-fare airline which was established in 1995 by a Greek businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou. The company has a big growth from its original bases in Lutton, from where easyjet operated only two routes to Edinburgh, and Glasgow. Nowadays it is giving its services by 171 airplanes on more over 100 destinations through all […]

Every single financial gain-oriented firm faces the inescapable issues, whether or not to invest in very long-phrase, limited-term belongings or in a job or not and which job is more rewarding to commit in. These thoughts direct the potential trader to the necessity of financial investment valuation and investment decision comparison. Frequently speaking the objectives […]

This business analysis report will help in providing an insight of the profitability, P/E Profit to earnings ratio and the recent trade performances of two established consumer retail apparel companies, Burberry which is listed in the United Kingdom (UK) and GAP Inc. which is listed in the United States of America (US). A financial analysis […]

Organizations or intermediaries that help the financial system operates efficiently and transfer funds from savers and investors to individuals, business and government that seek to spend or invest the funds. Financial Markets: These are the physical location or electronic forums that facilitate the flow of funds amongst investors, business and governments Investments: It involves sale […]

This paper aims at looking at how income statements are prepared using marginal and absorption costing. The absorption costing method charges all direct costs to the product costs as well as a share of indirect costs. The indirect costs are charged to products using a single overhead absorption rate which is calculated by dividing the […]

Your college-mate, Adam, who studies in an Engineering faculty thinks that preparing the financial statement annually is a waste of time. As an Accounting student, you do not agree with Adam’s opinion. Explain to Adam the purpose of preparing a financial statement. Definition of Financial Statement Nowadays, there are a lot of demands that will […]

Discuss, with the aid of examples, how a company can create value THEORETICAL BASIS FOR VALUE CREATION Companies create value by investing capital to generate future cash flows through its business operations at a rate exceeding the cost of capital. Numerically, the value of a company can be defined as the sum of present values […]

Financial commitment: Heshery Food items vs . Tootsie Rolls Financial Comparison A comparison of 2004 Hershey’s and Tootsie Roll, queries essential to establish which company is superior off: Are the company’s operations lucrative? To think about this I will be seeking at the Earnings Statement. If the company’s earnings exceeds its expenditures it will report […]

Investment Decisions Analysis Company: Hero Honda Motors Ltd. Balance sheet | | | | | | | | |YEAR |Mar’ 10 |Mar’ 09 |Mar’ 08 |Mar’ 07 |Mar’ 06 | | | |Fixed assets | |Gross block |2,750. 98 |2,516. 27 |1,938. 78 |1,800. 63 |1,471. 97 | |Less : revaluation reserve |- |- |- […]

1. Introduction Goodwill is an incredibly appealing company phenomenon. It enables a firm to derive aggressive gain for the reason that of concerns like status, stability, technological excellence, perceived excellent and other intangibles, and thus will allow it to make increased income, than it would otherwise have, by providing its merchandise or assets. Even though […]

The Genting Group comprises of five public companies that are involved in various industries. The main company of the group is Genting Berhad. Genting Berhad is an investment holding and management company (Genting Berhad 2012). It had made its investment in different industries such as hospitality, entertainment, plantation and many more through the other companies […]

SABMiller plc is one of the biggest brewers in the world. The company produces globally recognised brands as Pilsner Urquell, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Grolsch, Miller Genuine Draft, etc., and is also one of the largest bottlers of Coca-Cola products. SABMiller’s main office is located in the City of Westminster, London. It is listed on the […]

The present report is to compare the financial statements of Air-Arabia and ARAMEX both in the transportation sector. In this report, comparison of liquidity ratios, debt management ratios, asset management ratios and the profitability ratios of these two companies. At first, the above mentioned ratios for each of the firms are calculated and then, a […]

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is prepared to analysis the financial statement of BG Group plc which is one of the emerging leaders in natural gas. We have taken into consideration the peers of the company which also operate in the UK in the same industry. They all use the accounting methods established by IFRS (International […]

To get an comprehension of Blackmore Business economic place, and what need to have to be completed to increase its general performance, some fiscal ratios were being calculated. The liquidity ratios calculated incorporate the existing, quick asset, funds and working cash ratio. On administration of debt, full financial debt to full asset, financial debt to […]

It is very important to know that how important is to evaluate the financial performance of a company. When we want to recognise the performance of individuals and particular departments or we want to invest into the business. Either we evaluate the company on the bases of security and risk management or we want to […]

Introduction: Jill Dempsey and Mike Greaves began Pace Leisurewear Ltd five yr ago. Tempo Leisurewear are a manufacture and designer of leisure and everyday garments which aimed younger and bigger-income team men and women. Right after loads of arranging, they integrated item layout and progress with the income and advertising. Clothes array are made by […]

This report was written to make an analysis of the financial statements of the Toyota Motor Corporation for period from 2008 to 2010, according to analysis of the ratios and trend analysis of absolutes. The review of company’s history and the impact of events happen to TMC gave an opportunity to enlarge our understandings of […]

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational telecommunication corporation having its headquarters’ situated in Keilanieme, Espoo. It is one of the world’s leading mobile phone suppliers and fixed telecom networkers. Nokia’s engaged in the manufacture of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communication industry. It offers an extraordinary Internet services platform called as Ovi which […]

This course is part of the Entrepreneurship specialization that includes Opportunity Identification, Gathering Resources & Launch, Entrepreneurial Growth, Entrepreneurial Finance, Harvest, & Negotiations (Financial Management of the Small Firm) and the capstone course, Entrepreneurial Management. This class is quite quantitative and a solid finance/accounting background is helpful. If you do not have a strong finance/accounting […]

Easyjet is a U.K based low-cost airline offering services on 500 routes between 118 European, West Asian and North African airports using fleet size of 182 aircrafts. Unlike its biggest competitor Raynair, Easyjet uses primary airports to operate its services in off-peak time to avoid high airport fees. In 2007/08, despite the economic downturn and […]

This provides the portion of the current liability of Dominos Pizza Group which can be settled with its current assets earnings. This shows the ability of Dominos to meet its short-term debt contracts with the available current liability as the fall due. From the above table, Dominos Pizza Group had a current ratio of 0.69 […]

Tata Steel, formerly known asA TISCOA andA Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited, is the world’s seventh largest steel company,A with an annual crude steel capacity of 31 million tonnes. It is the largest private sector steel company in India in terms of domestic production. Ranked 258th on Fortune Global 500, it is based inA Jamshedpur,A Jharkhand,A India.A It is part ofA Tata GroupA of […]

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose In this report my purpose is to do a financial analysis of Coles Ltd which provides a basis, on which the valuation of company can be done. 1.2 Scope This report conducts a financial analysis for Coles by performing a trend analysis of financial ratios using the data given for past […]

Financial Analysis of banking sector of India: Special Reference to Private Sector Banks Financial statements are those statements which provide information about profitability and financial position of a business. It includes two statements, i.e., profit & loss a/c or income statement and balance sheet or position statement. The income statement presents the summary of the […]

ALAPIS SA, a Greek public pharmaceutical firm, employing 741 employees, is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of detergents and cosmetics, veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, animal accessories and organic products, as well as human pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health materials. The Company operates several subsidiaries that supply a variety of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and hygienic […]

Wonderland Confectionaries Inc. owns a successful chain of Restaurants and the company is considering diversifying its activities by investing in theme park business by constructing a theme park. This report analyses the Wonderland’s investment in the theme park to diversify its current business. Based on the information available from the market research undertaken by Wonderland […]

The company formerly known as NTL Group Limited is a cable and telecommunication firm. It was established in 1996 from the acquisition of National Tran communications limited by international cable tel. It conduct business from its registered head office which is located i London, United Kingdom. The company telecommunications services include a national digital telecoms […]

1.Introduction As a team of investment Analyst for Bresil Investment, We have been approached by one of our client, Stephen Curry to offer investment advice. Mr. Curry has two investment choices, either Games Workshop PLC or Hornby PLC. Our analysis will include ratio analysis of both the companies for current and previous years, as well […]

Title: A comparative financial analysis of United Utilities and Bristol Water to determine who is in the financially healthier position – focusing on the interpretation of the figures (what they mean now and in the future) and interpretation (what they mean now and for the future) of key ratios applied. Financial Health A company’s financial […]

Estimating the expected return of the asset is the fundamental of finance subject and it is vital to the existence of the business. There are two models of asset pricing widely used to calculate the cost of equity: Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and Fama and French three factor model. This report will critically analyze […]

In this essay I would be elaborating on the principles of the Net Present Value and its advantages. Also writing about Internal Rate of Returns and comparing the two methods and analyzing it. When making and investment with regards to capital fixed assets such as plant and equipment the decisions are important given the significance […]

Purpose of selection- We selected the method of ratio analysis because it would give us a quantitative analysis of the performance of two banks over a period of 5 years. And the analysis of the performance with the ratios will lead us to a meaningful conclusion. Ratios calculated: Profitability Ratio – It tells us that […]

Glee plc is large listed company where their sport equipment products are doing well in the market but their profits are doing not well, the new investment that they are currently investing are in the problem. The company has a few of problems that they need to be improve, such as how and where to […]

If you intend to get stocks on the funds markets, your 1st stage would be to find these which are undervalued in relation to the recent market place price tag. This is the only way to be effective and worthwhile on the long-phrase. It would make feeling to seem for low cost stocks, doesn’t it? […]

This research focuses on three different dimension of Financial and management accounting. in the first part it gives a clear picture of company law and professional accounting frameworks which can be used to make financial reports of different companies comparable and reliable. Furthermore, the second given question was Discounted Cash flow and its importance for […]

Chapter 1 Determining firm’s value is one of the vital financial scenarios in the current world. Investors are more aware of their investments and take basic precautions before investing in a company. It is said that, investing in an excessively over-valued companies that failed to earn the expected returns was one of the causes of […]

Your group is a team of investment analysts for Bresil Investments. Your role is to provide investment advice to high wealth individuals. Stephen has been a client of your bank for many years and has approached your manager for investment advice. Stephen has a large portfolio of shares and has recently inherited a large sum […]

PART 1 Cyclon Hellas is a company that operates in Greece in the industrial production of lubricants and the production and trade of packaged lubricants as also at the distribution of liquid fuels. Cyclon Hellas main target, is to provide quality products and services that respect both the needs of consumers and the environment. Since […]

Executive Summary The report exclusively deals with the Accounting and Financial Management. The report has been divided into two broad types. The first part deals with the calculations regarding the payback period, average accounting return and break-even analysis. This part of the report also explains the various aspects of the same. The next half of […]

Literature review on creative accounting: Fair value measurement on property, plant and equipment and investment property 1 – Introduction As Blake and Lunt (2000, p.375) rightly surmise within their work on accounting standards, the term “creative accounting,” was originally coined by the media, and it was particularly prevalent around the time of the Enron financial […]

A firm or a company can resource its funds possibly by elevating debt or as a result of equity. The composition in which the business funds its assets by financial debt or fairness kinds the Capital Structure of a firm. Consequently , when we communicate about a company’s money construction we are generally conversing about […]

INTRODUCTION This project is base on the corporate financial analysis of Dee Valley Group PLC at the end of the financial year which ends on the 13th June 2007. Dee valley group is a water company established in 1994 as a holding company for Wrexham water plc (formally Wrexham and East Denbighshire Water Company). In […]

Chart 1 represents the return of Kossan Rubber Industries and KLCI index. In year 2004, the Kossan’s stock return is higher than the market return which is 1.1174% and 1.0131%. This implies that Kossan have a high performance in year 2004. The following year, both of Kossan and KLCI index have a negative return which […]

CURRENT RATIO The current ratio tells us about the liquidity of the company. It is the ratio which tells us the company’s ability to pay off its liabilities using the current assets in case the company is liquidated. Higher the current ratio, the better it is. Marks and Spencer’s current ratio is on the lower […]

Globe Comm has two major divisions in their product offering, one require simple and easy integration and installation (usually short term) and other type require complex and fairly difficult integration (usually long term). For the first type of product, it has been mentioned that revenue is recognized once the system got shipped and but only […]

We have taken the company Debenhams for our analysis. The methodology adopted for the analysis includes ratio analysis and a comparative study with Lewis, a leading apparel company in U.K Company profile: Debenhams Debenhams plc engages in the operation of department stores. The company’s stores provide a range of products, including women’s wear, men’s wear, […]

As the purpose of the company manager is to make their company more profitable and valuable so manager must take a right decision to identify, evaluate and implement as well as estimate the benefits of potential projects that meet or exceed investor expectations. It also estimates that how changes in capital structure, dividend policy and […]

This report is written and designed with a main purpose for every potential investor reference and guideline related to consumer products market. It is mainly for a better and clear understanding about the conditions and trends of the market. In addition, it might also used for finding out the latest update news which may impact […]

British Petroleum is one of the five major energy companies in the world engaged in the business of oil and natural gas exploration and marketing as well as development of renewable energy devices across 80 countries of the world. The company with around 80300 staff members on its payroll in 2009 made an annual turn […]

It is a procedure of accounting which is dependent on the principle that assets must be valued at historical cost or historic price is the authentic monetary value of an financial item. Historical value is dependent on the secure measuring unit assumption. In some conditions, assets and liabilities may possibly be revealed at their historical […]

National Grid plc (National Grid) is an international electric and gas company and also is one of the largest investor owned Energy Company in the world. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: NG) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:NGG). Primary areas of operations are the ownership and operation of regulated electricity and […]

The price tag of money is the minimal return that traders assume for providing cash to a business. If the purpose of a company is to stay financially rewarding any use of money should return at minimum its value of funds. The price of cash is identified by summing the charge of various Elements of […]

Making sound decisions in financial management require the analysis of cash flow and management statements. Such an analysis gives stakeholders such as investors the opportunity to make critical decisions whether or not to invest in a company or a product. In order to get a deeper understanding of the fluctuations in cash, investments and financing […]

The annual report of Pratibha Industries Ltd is analysed for years FY2007-2008 and FY2008-2009. The report attempts to analyse the financial health of the company from the point of view of an investor making an investment decision. The report compares the performance of PIL over the last three years by analysing the financial statements of […]

Before progressing on to the analysis of the companies given, a general introduction on asset allocation needs to be satisfied before progressing on this line. Let us see what asset allocation is why it is important for us during this exercise. Before giving any advice on asset allocation certain things needs to be kept in […]

The production of aluminium started in India in 1938 when the Aluminum Corporation of India’s plant was commissioned. The plant which was set up with a financial and technical collaboration with Alcan, Canada had a capacity of producing 2,500 ton per annum. Hindustan Aluminum Corporation (Hindalco) was set up in UP in the year 1959; […]

In today’s Globalization and competition, the performance of a firm not only depends upon the financial performance but also with other industry related factors such as Economies of scale, Product range, Growth rate of the Company, Difference in size etc. It is very necessary for the firm to compare it with peer competitors or benchmark […]

Abstract The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) are reviewing their guidelines on lease accounting this year. This paper provides background information on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), FASB and IASB including what their role is in accounting. It details the history of lease accounting for them, changes that […]

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE Features IN AN AUTOMOTIVE Elements Production Company Places 1. Accounts Receivable. 2. Accounts Payable. 3. Stock. 4. Immediate and Oblique Taxes. 5. Payroll. 6. Treasury Functions. 7. Producing/Last Accounts. Accounts. Routines in Accounts Receivable Function 1. Recording of Invoices centered on the Sales manufactured in the course of the day. 2. Recording […]

The story of textiles in the subcontinent is the story of Gul Ahmed. The group began trading in textiles in the early 1900’s. With all it’s know-how and experience, the group decided to enter the field of manufacturing and Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited company, in the year 1953. […]

It is the company of autocatalysts, major obligation diesel catalysts and pollution management methods, catalysts and parts for gas cells, catalysts and technologies for chemical procedures, wonderful chemical compounds, chemical catalysts and active pharmaceutical ingredients and the promoting, refining, and fabrication of precious metals. Even more, for 200 decades, it has continued to build its […]

The fundamental analysis of any stock generally begins from a macro-economic perspective and then moves down to the specific sector and finally narrowing down to the company analysis. The stock for fundamental analysis is MRF Tyres. The analysis will follow given below steps: Economic Analysis During the current global crisis, all the countries had suffered […]

The money statements are the finish item of the financial accounting procedure. The monetary statements suggests presenting financial data introduced in concise sort and the fiscal data is linked to the financials of the firm. The fiscal statements are geared up by the company, to begin with to connect with various events about the economic […]

The main aim of preparing financial report is because it provides information about the firm’s performance in the market. This report will focus mainly on financial analysis which will. The main aim of doing this report is to make recommendations and conclusion based on financial analysis. The information gathered for this report is collected mainly […]

In this project it is mentioned about Golden Agris background, the area in which it operates its competitive strength and its competitors. A detailed analysis of the company s financial analysis is showed through ratio analyses, which will help to asses Michael who is an investor whether to buy Golden Agri s share. A detailed […]

Critically Analyse the Relative Merits of Capital Asset Pricing Design (CAPM) and empirical approaches to asset pricing these types of as Fama and French product. Individuals often research for new equipment or greater procedures that allow a work to be concluded speedier and much better. It applies to each discipline like the finance industry. Cash […]

Balfour Beatty provides world class services in infrastructure industry. They operate the lifecycle of infrastructure and have a strong position infrastructure markets. They have four brands in leading market-leading these are Professional services Construction services Support services Infrastructure services They provide main services in creation and care of infrastructure that includes investment, project designing, finance, […]