My stimulus is a supreme court case in which Jack Phillips, a cake baker living in Colorado, denied the request of a homosexual couple to bake their wedding cake. His defense was that his religion; Christianity, labeled the couple’s lifestyle a sin. Although the court ruled that the state’s public accommodation law did not authorize […]

William James’s thoughts and ideas on religion and psychology, and how the two intercross were evident in his lectures. In some ways it felt like he addressed religions nature and sciences indifferences. James’s many case studies served as strong empirical evidence regarding the impact of religious experiences. The lectures analyzed religious experiences using scientific research […]

The United States is growing to be increasingly diverse. According to Pew Research Center, by 2055 the United States will not have one, single majority race. The migration of immigrants over the past few decades has increased tremendously (Caumont & Cohn, 2016). Majority of immigrants used to come from Latin America, however now the majority […]

Both we felt could truly describe what makes up an American today. When we got our information together we figured out that what makes an American didn’t just happen overnight, but over the years many influences throughout the countries helped us form who we are today. For the Economical parts we talked about, we brought […]

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the freedoms of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly.1 Most Americans agree that these freedoms are important, but every American should also consider why this amendment is important and whom this amendment protects. For instance, does freedom of religion protect individuals, religious groups, or non-religious people, and […]

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without amendments, will it impact our lives not being able to own a gun, practice our own religion, or having our own leader abuse his power? According to the bill of rights, the First Amendment protects our right to freedom of, religion, assembly, press, petition, and […]

Daily folks witness couples in community obtaining termed disturbing slurs, getting harassed, and escorted from corporations. Vast majority of the LGBTQ community have reported that they have experienced harassment, threats, and violence thanks to their sexual beliefs. LGBTQ Couples are becoming discriminated on a day-to-day basis just by carrying out everyday actions. Numerous Incidents have […]

 The Declaration of Independence recognized the main concepts of our Nation, the United States of America. Our Structure with the Amendments provides a rule of laws for an precise authorities to attain those principles. TheBill of Rightsprotects the individual legal rights of American citizens and was adopted as a one unit on December 15, 1791. […]

Though George Orwell’s 1984 may appear shockingly unrealistic, regrettably ample, the inhumane treatment method and violations of human legal rights identified in the novel come about currently around the entire world, this sort of as in Qatar. Qatar is located following to the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. The capital is Doha. According to Lewis […]

The Monthly bill of Legal rights guards particular person liberties, normal legal rights and it limits the powers of the Federal Governing administration, a extremely essential Proper mentioned in Modification Just one of the Bill Of Rights is Independence of Religion. The Constitution of the United States is split into 7 components, and just one […]

The To start with Modification is an critical amendment. The folks that oppose the Initially Modification could say that the Very first Amendment does not fully serve its function. They could say that while the Initially Amendment exists, persons are however banned from social media for stating anything critical to the government, or discriminated in […]