Emily Dickinson continuously mentioned in her poems, death and different death scenarios which leads the reader to believe that she is not afraid of what the after-life is like. In the 19th- Century she was considered to be one of the two leading American poets with the other famous poet Walt Whitman. Emily Dickinson’s unique […]

Nathaniel Hawthorne was a writer who wrote stories dealing with the puritan society, most of his work was built on how the puritan society, and how through the faith and fear of the vengeance of God could make people live a better life. He brought over gothic genre to America which is how most of […]

Rites of passage in the Jewish religion and tradition differ amongst families and modern society. These rituals mark the transitions of a man or woman all over their life, integrating cultural experiences with organic destiny. There are three phases in accordance to the handful of rites of passage, separation or the preliminary phase that signifies […]

An essential portion of being a nurse is knowledge several ethnic, cultural, and spiritual groups and their techniques. Nurses should really not stereotype their patients, relatively they really should question what groups they associate by themselves with. The nurse can then accomplish treatment that is acceptable for the ethnic, cultural, or spiritual team they are […]

Right after Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt crisis in 1802, he commenced sketching out a symphony that redefined symphonies–Symphony No. 3 in E flat Important, Op. 55. Beethoven focused on the composition in Might of 1803 and committed it to Prince Franz Joseph Lobkowitz, who debuted it at his palace in August of 1804. Beethoven originally entitled the […]